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Peace < ^_^

     Hi readers. I'm Gwendoline @ Gwen, a Chinese Malaysian who lives in Ipoh, Perak. I'm a student who is currently taking Bachelor of Art (Hons) in Creative Multimedia as the major course at Limkokwing University of Creative Technology, Cyberjaya.

To sum up myself :

  • A learner to be more creative and artistic in progress. I like to see graphics and watch videos, animations and motion graphics. I also love to browse beautiful images.
  • A dreamer who seeks for inspirations in life. I always love to be inspired from people, things, environment and even stories. 
  • A music lover for both classical and modern type. Music was my first choice when I chose my path, but because of some personal reason, I gave up and take multimedia instead. I play piano, Yang Qin (traditional Chinese music instruments), and a beginner in guitar. I love classical music from Beethoven, Chopin, Tchaikovsky, Mozart and etc. As for modern, I love ballad and pop songs. K-pop is my favourite, especially Big Bang and 2NE1, but I also listen to English songs, J-pop from my favourite animes, Chinese songs etc. My conclusion is I listen to all kind of songs, except for the noisy-electronic-hard-metal type.
  • A nature lover especially flowers and beaches. I also love to take pictures of beautiful skies and clouds, or maybe stars if there's is a sky with stars to be seen in Malaysia LOL. I love the smell of raining *wth*.
  • I love pastel colours and my favourites are mint and baby pink. Recently I start to like maroon and navy blue.
  • I am emotional (which is not very good), impatient sometimes, clumsy, very random and exaggerate. In fact, if it comes to serious matter I can be very serious and seek for perfection. I always try to search peace in fights, even though I'm not a really calm person. I'm still learning to be a better person by having wide heart and mind (for now at least).
  • I wish to learn other languages like Japanese and Korean. But for now I think it's better to master Japanese first so that I can understand the dialogs in anime without referring to the subtitles HAHAHA.
  • I'm obsessed over ice kacang, Pan Mee, spaghetti, keropok lekor, soya milk, yogurt drinks, Sushi, orange, honey dew, sugarcane etc (I couldn't list them all XD).
  • I wish to travel around the world. So far I've been to Singapore, London, Paris and Hainan.

     I started to blog in 2008, mostly I blogged were more to emotional stories (friendship and love stories related). Then stopped blogging in 2012 due to hectic time during semester and also laziness. Now I'm back to blog again because I was inspired by a lot of people who actually put their effort to write what they want to say and share to the readers. I used to care on the amount of people who will read my blog; now I just want to blog for the sake of sharing what I think and what I have and also a gift to keep my memories in case I forget anything. It feels good to blog again ♥. 

    So that's all about me, like finally. Thank you for each of you who come and read my blog, sincerely appreciated. I hope that someday my passion in life can be an inspiration to others :). Cheerio. 

Gwendoline ♥

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