Sunday, February 23, 2014

140223 - Rest time!

Home! *smell*

  Hey there. I'm so happy that I back to blog again. As you see the image up there, it's from my Instagram. The horsey background is actually the curtain in my room, isn't it lovely :3. As for the wording, I used the apps called Photofy to edit it. This apps has lots of interesting self-expressions stickers (like insignias or hipster typography), which you can choose according to categories that you want. But the downside of this apps is it takes time to load the stickers and it requires online browsing. But I guess the stickers are in good resolutions so it has to be loaded. But overall I love all the designs they have for the stickers. You can give it a try, with good patience of course :D.

  Back to the title of the post, yes it's my rest time for 1 week before my next semester start *yea*. I've completed my internship in AvantGarde Studios last Friday. It was an awesome experience working in there as I get my new inspirations XD, will share more about that soon. But yea, I'm glad that everything started well and ended well. Finally a big full stop for the stage of internship. So after this I have to rush for my logbook LOL being delay updating it for quite some time. The studio is working on "Ninja Cat Ichi Ni San!" (on-airing on TV every Saturday 6pm) and "Knowsy Nina Wants To Know" (soon on TV). Do support ya :D! hahaha.

Ninja Cat Ichi Ni San!

Knowsy Nina Wants to Know.

  So right now I'm resting in my house for few days, hah such a comfortable place ever to lazy around XD. After all this while, home is the best place ever to forget everything and just rest :). My housemate Tee Wern came to Ipoh for a 2-day-1-night visit. So my parent brought her around to eat, and I'm glad that she did enjoy her time here. Maybe next time it's my turn to visit to her hometown in Kuantan.

  I'll update as much as I can before the busy final comes and attacks me LOL. So rest for today, prepare for better tomorrow. Till the next post we talk :D. G-night world xx.

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