Friday, January 17, 2014

140117 - Going Home!

Quote of the day
 Hey there. The image is taken from Daughtry's Facebook Page. I like the page as all the image he posted are mostly motivate and inspire people. The image above is a lyrics from his song "Home", a very heart-whelming song. 

     Back to the topic, I'm going home soon! Few hours later I'll be in Ipoh! *Shout for joy* I didn't go home for like half-a-year, July 2013 till now. I can't wait to go home and smell how sweet it is *sound so gross*. Home is always the shelther for us when we work so hard to live and get tired, it has the power of relaxing physically and mentally. Also I miss my parent so much, especially my father. Holiday is coming soon, when are you planing to go home and visit your parent? ;)

     Yesterday night Clara asked me to go for a swim. So ta-da! Me, Clara and Ming Yue swan for an hour in the pool. We also had some mini catch up, chatting while rested to get some breath. It has been a while I swim in a pool. So it's nice to be in the water freely. After a while, Sherli came to see us after having her gym. It was a great morning with all the exercises and chit-chat, feeling energetic right now haha. 

Picture of 4 of us :D.

     As you see in the picture I wore a t-shirt, because my swimsuit is not that nice to show off XD.

     Ohhhh it's almost time, I gotta prepare to go to KL Sentral. Yeay GOING HOME! We shall talk soon. 

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