Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Quote of the day

     Hey there. I've forgotten that yesterday was actually Diary Valentine's day, I didn't realise it until I saw my friends posted in Facebook. No wonder I had the feeling to start blogging again haha.

     Today was actually quite a good day. I start to do html coding in the internship. It's for the animation series which the studio is working on right now. So I almost done with the homepage, glad that I brought my previous website assignment to start it, because 90% of them are not in my brain hahaha, so I did some mini revisions then only start the coding. Seriously I prefer html coding than flash coding, easier to understand and do it.

    Recently I have a habit in admiring the beauty of morning sky, especially the glow of the Sun with clouds around. The colours are so amazing, I even thought I was looking at paintings. So everytime I see a beautiful sky, I'll take a photo. Maybe I'll post all of them tomorrow. This habit is quite enjoyable, because it makes me feel alive everyday, even though most of the time I was in sleepy mode. I used to wake up late, so I missed all the morning, like almost all of the mornings I had in here, except for the days I went to morning classes. Thanks to the internship, I get to see the wonderful side of morning with all the artistic colours of the sunlight and clouds :).

  And because of today's morning scene, it reminded me of the beginning part of the disney movie "The Lion King", when the Sun rose. Oh that moment was so stunning I still have a clear mind of that scene till now. So I searched for the soundtracks of the movie, kept repeating "Hakuna Matata" and "Circle of Life". I have to admit that the Disney's movies during 90s are very amazing, I shall have myself a time to do this marathon. Music is just amazing, especially when the feeling from the melody bring to the heart, you can feel the emotion straight away, ahhhhh!

  Well it's 11.40pm now, I shall go to sleep, although my tummy is not ready for that yet, because as you know I have my dinner very late for these few months. So guess I have to wait for a while then only off to bed. So till we talk again :).

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