Friday, January 17, 2014

140117 - Going Home!

Quote of the day
 Hey there. The image is taken from Daughtry's Facebook Page. I like the page as all the image he posted are mostly motivate and inspire people. The image above is a lyrics from his song "Home", a very heart-whelming song. 

     Back to the topic, I'm going home soon! Few hours later I'll be in Ipoh! *Shout for joy* I didn't go home for like half-a-year, July 2013 till now. I can't wait to go home and smell how sweet it is *sound so gross*. Home is always the shelther for us when we work so hard to live and get tired, it has the power of relaxing physically and mentally. Also I miss my parent so much, especially my father. Holiday is coming soon, when are you planing to go home and visit your parent? ;)

     Yesterday night Clara asked me to go for a swim. So ta-da! Me, Clara and Ming Yue swan for an hour in the pool. We also had some mini catch up, chatting while rested to get some breath. It has been a while I swim in a pool. So it's nice to be in the water freely. After a while, Sherli came to see us after having her gym. It was a great morning with all the exercises and chit-chat, feeling energetic right now haha. 

Picture of 4 of us :D.

     As you see in the picture I wore a t-shirt, because my swimsuit is not that nice to show off XD.

     Ohhhh it's almost time, I gotta prepare to go to KL Sentral. Yeay GOING HOME! We shall talk soon. 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Quote of the day

     Hey there. I've forgotten that yesterday was actually Diary Valentine's day, I didn't realise it until I saw my friends posted in Facebook. No wonder I had the feeling to start blogging again haha.

     Today was actually quite a good day. I start to do html coding in the internship. It's for the animation series which the studio is working on right now. So I almost done with the homepage, glad that I brought my previous website assignment to start it, because 90% of them are not in my brain hahaha, so I did some mini revisions then only start the coding. Seriously I prefer html coding than flash coding, easier to understand and do it.

    Recently I have a habit in admiring the beauty of morning sky, especially the glow of the Sun with clouds around. The colours are so amazing, I even thought I was looking at paintings. So everytime I see a beautiful sky, I'll take a photo. Maybe I'll post all of them tomorrow. This habit is quite enjoyable, because it makes me feel alive everyday, even though most of the time I was in sleepy mode. I used to wake up late, so I missed all the morning, like almost all of the mornings I had in here, except for the days I went to morning classes. Thanks to the internship, I get to see the wonderful side of morning with all the artistic colours of the sunlight and clouds :).

  And because of today's morning scene, it reminded me of the beginning part of the disney movie "The Lion King", when the Sun rose. Oh that moment was so stunning I still have a clear mind of that scene till now. So I searched for the soundtracks of the movie, kept repeating "Hakuna Matata" and "Circle of Life". I have to admit that the Disney's movies during 90s are very amazing, I shall have myself a time to do this marathon. Music is just amazing, especially when the feeling from the melody bring to the heart, you can feel the emotion straight away, ahhhhh!

  Well it's 11.40pm now, I shall go to sleep, although my tummy is not ready for that yet, because as you know I have my dinner very late for these few months. So guess I have to wait for a while then only off to bed. So till we talk again :).

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

140114 - Hey 2014 :)

140114, what a special day :).

     So after disappearing for 2 years, finally I'm back :D. Yes I'm back with more joy and fun. It's my bad for not blogging for 2 years, because of laziness -___- (but I was so busy with my uni's life also, so forgive me XD). This will be a brand new kickstart for me to share my life.

     Actually I was thinking to use a brand new blog link instead of continuing this blog, because it has been abandoned for so long, I didn't really know how to continue. Looking back my post, it just holds me back. There are so many stories in the past that I've written down in here, even some of them I've forgotten the whole thing, erm maybe just 50% of them, it's bad huh? But I'm glad that I didn't really remember them, because most of them were sad stories (not all of course, but mostly). It's good to have a blog to see what you've done previously and see how much you've grown up. The moment I thought of this, I feel very grateful that I'm still alive :'). 2-year-disappearing is quite a long period, there are so many things happened, ups and downs of my life, and there are some very important moments that change who am I right now. Slowly I'll write more on what I've been gone through between these 2 years *if I have time to do all*. Another thing is I want to improve my writing skills. Maybe my English is getting worse compared to last time, I still think that blogging is a good way to improve myself, not only for my language, but for my thinking, inspirations and personalities.

     Updating my current status : I'm doing internship as a compositor and editor in AvantGarde Studios in Kota Damansara, it's 3 months long. Still left 1 month to finish it, and I'll straight away continue my last semester in the university. Time flies right? It's hard to believe that I'm going to end my degree soon D:. It's not like a blink of eyes of course, just that I think most of my assignments that I rushed made me forgetting that time passes rapidly, and sometimes it's quite regretful when I realised that I didn't spend my day well. Mehhh. Thank goodness it's just "sometimes", I quite enjoy for what I'm doing right now XD.

     So I shall end my post here. Hopefully my next post won't take another 2 years to publish hahaha *what a joke*. Adios :).