Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New background of my bloggie xD

Hey there, it's me again. Yea I'm back with a brand new background LOL. It's a vintage paper with floral patterns, edited in Photoshop. It has no much difference, but I prefer this background than the previous one, it looks so me xD. haaa. I'll add a banner of my blog and change my favicon. Stay tuned for these things to be on my blog :).

Since it's February 2012 now, I should have come out with few posts, but I didn't do that. I've planned on the posts that I'm going to talk about later. Here is the lists :

1) Brand new year 2012
2) "Drag On!" Chinese New Year 2012
3) One-Day-Trip in Melaka
4) Family vacations in Genting Highlands
5) My new friend, Caramel The Guitar
6) An unforgettable 20th birthday surprise

and more...

Be patient for these updates :D! Ta-ta!

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