Saturday, February 18, 2012

A brand new year 2012 (1/1/2012)

with Mae, my closest cousin@babe ♥.
Hey there! Yaaa, a "high-kick" photo to welcome 2012! It's kinda weird and funny, because feet usually didn't show up for camwhore section, so we had a try and the result is humiliating XD.

2012, what is so special about this? Summer Olympics 2012 in London? Euro 2012? World Expo 2012 in Korea? Or the 2012 phenomenon told by Maya's people? Worldwide news to everyone. Personally, this year is the change of living in my family, the starting year for us to living without my lovely sister, Cindy. Okay, excluding it, I know that 2012 will be a better year for my life. Why? Simply because I've gone through too much ups and downs last year 2011, which change my personalities a lot. Heartbroken, lost in love, having strong opinions and characters, becoming crazier into K-Pop, know more people and friends, experienced different things, controlling emotions well than before, moved to a better hostel with better housemates, learning Indonesian languages, having inspirations from different sources... I've summarised it short because too much to think and I lazy to do so haha. I couldn't wait for the coming of 2012 so that I can put down all the sorrows, sadness, angers, bad lucks, tears in 2011 and receive more happiness, good lucks, loves, wisdom, wealth :P... in my life.

Telling people that I don't want to be an adult was my famous quote ever in these few years, because I'm no more a teenage girl but a lady? The word "lady" sounds so old to me and I don't know why :S. Now, I've accepted the fact and proudly can say I'm 20-year-old "girl" LOL (still denying from the word "lady"). It's quite hard for me to change my children-personalities since I was born in this way, even so I'll slowly adapt to the word "mature", "lady", or maybe "woman" since 20 should be like this. I'll get more knowledge, better inspiration and ideas, learn to accept people's opinions, be patient, have a healthy lifestyle, consider people's feelings more, learn to put down and the most important thing, learn to smile more :).

My wishlist for 2012 :
- My family, relatives and friends who I know stay healthy and happy.
- Willing to learn more.
- Better reviews and results for my studies.
- My life is smooth and peaceful.
- Dad and Mum have smooth life like what I wished too :).
- Become healthier, exercise more.
- Be good in dressing up and making up.
- I'm okay with single's life, if can please don't let freak guys appear in my life please, I had have enough for that.
- Can buy what I want (ipod, polaroid...)
- Love my beloved oppas, unnies... in the world of K-POP (if can please ask them to come to Malaysia more *___*)
- Travel overseas!!
- Learn more Korean and Japanese.

So I shall end this post here :). Till the next post.

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