Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Simple Update : Neil

A 3-day-playmate in my hostel's unit :D
Back to 21st October 2011, my housemate brought a dog from his friend to my unit in Cyberia for 3 days 2 nights. Actually pets are not allowed in our hostels, if you found any dogs or cats, either they're wild or some people have them secretly. We picked up the doggie by a car as the friend stays in another hostel. Of course we hid the dog secretly when passing by the guardhouse to avoid any suspects by the securities there.

Neil the name of the male poodle dog. He was a playful dog, especially chasing. I ran a lot with him so that I can get along with him easily. But he's not that good in picking up things and returning to me, he ran away and let me chase him instead haha. During those days, he stayed in my friend's room, so when we wanted to play with Neil, we just went into the room and played with him, at the same time, "kacau" at my friend xDDDD. 

I'm not the type of person who really can play well with animals, because most of the time I will run away from them. I dislike those who bite and bark a lot, they make me feel scarier. Neil isn't that kind of dog, so suprisingly I could get close with him. Although we spent our time on running and exercising a lot, I got tired easily due to lack of exercise and he got bored very fast. I don't really know what to do except running =____=. hahaha. But undeniable thing to say is Neil is a very good dog :).

It was my pleasure to get to know Neil as a temporary housemate in my unit. I felt very excited because playing with Niel was my first time to be so close with a dog, I even hugged him XDD! Neil, please come and find use to play again. You're always welcome heee. Next time I'll train you to walk on stairs since you don't know how to do it. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Hello friends, I'm back XD. I know it has been quite few months I disappear from blogging. Today's mood is just fine for me to blog haha *clap clap clap*.

Last Thursday, I was having a high fever that I didn't experience it for some periods. It was terribly hot and uncomfortable than I expected :S. My mum gave me some pills and medicine for me. It's really funny because after consuming the medicine I'll be okay then maybe like few hours later the fever comes again. There are few reasons that I think I got fever, changing of weathers recently, lack of drinking water, online or do things until 3am/4am then only go tot sleep ( that's what I usually do when I'm in sem 1 :/ ). The heat in my body was slowly collected, until it couldn't stand anymore and it burst out. Fever is just like a war to fight, like a volcano. In the middle of recovering, flu and cough came along, which make my sickness become worse. Guess everyone understand the pain :(. My appetite becomes worse than I'm in Cyberjaya, didn't feel like eating. So these few days I keep staying at home to rest, like doing nothing. Sometimes I watch TV, online Facebook, Twitter... Life is just very bored when you're sick, but you'll feel the refreshment of energy after recovering from sickness.

However, I'm still facing a problem that can't solve it faster. Yesterday I ate "Lou Shu Fen" that bought by my mum as my lunch. I finished all the mee, including egg and meats. A while later, I felt something stuck in my throat, which is the small bite of egg that I've just eaten. I didn't know what to do, jumped up and down thought that this would help. My mum said because there are too much air inside my stomach, makes the pressure can't push the egg down or up. The feeling of the "dancing" of the egg really makes me headache, because I can't even shallow it in or vomit it out. SIGH. WHY LA THIS HAPPENED TO ME T______T? I even tried to drink as much water as I can, it just failed. And now, it still stays in my throat, with the smell of egg :S. Lets see when it will come out, and I'll take a picture of my "killer" proudly xD!

It was the place where the egg stuck in, until now :(.