Friday, October 21, 2011

Simple Update : Contact Lens

Hey there! Yaa, another simple update again. As you can see the picture above, it's the picture of me with contact lens. I can honestly say that it was my first time wear contact lens successfully! haha. I tried for several times before, only this was the one that I succeeded. My eyes are small normally, so after wearing the lens, it looks brighter and bigger, more to a teenage girl's style x). I bought it in night market, brownish lens. I'll practise more to wear this, and next time I can bravely buy a better pair of lens from the optical shop.

P/S: I've been taken lots of pictures of myself. This is so called "narcissism" haha!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Simple Update : Korean Music Wave 2011

Hey people! It's time for me to update the important thing that I should update it earlier. hee.


Do you still remember that I mentioned before about Korean Music Wave that was held in Stadium Merdeka at 24th September 2011? Yeay, that concert x). hee. Me and my friends Kezia, TTS and Winda went to the concert. We bought the tickets earlier of the month of September, so we got the 10% discount for it, originally RM138, after discounted it's RM124 :D. haha. It was the cheapest ticket for this concert. We can't afford for the expensive one, so the cheapest would do xD.

We went there by Winda's car. Actually we were lost when searching for the exact location of the stadium, there's only few signboard that has the word of "Stadium Merdeka" on it :(. We're like went round and round, finally found a taxi to lead us to there. haa. It was SOOOOO CROWDED with teenagers like us xD. I brought my baby, Gee (dslr) to there. Actually it was not allowed to bring any DSLR or camcorder, but I was lucky, the security just checked one side of my bag xD. haa. We sat on the place where people used to sit and watch football competition (FYI, it was in outdoor). It was really hot at first, we kept sweating, but luckily when it turned night cool breeze was blown. hee.

A BIGBANG fan that I bought in there xD. haa.
It was my very first and ever to watch live concert. I shouted like crazy people who has totally lost his control, probably came from Tanjung Rambutan. haa. SERIOUSLY! I just couldn't control myself when I saw those Korean singers appear in front of my eyes (although they are so tiny from far). FT Island, 4 Minutes, U-Kiss, Park Jun Ming, Seungri, G-Dragon and TOP really made me went insane, I kept shouting and singing with them in LIVE!! LIVE YOU KNOW! OH MY GOODNESS. The atmosphere was so high, until I kept sweating. Especially when G-Dragon and TOP, I just stood up and jumped following with the beats of their songs. All of them were so awesome, they were successfully bring the happiness to us XD, except for TeenTop. I'm sorry for their fans, but they are not my type :/.

Awwww I miss that night so much. I'll sure go to concerts again if my favourite Idols come to here and have their concerts xD. heee.

Oh ya, 24 September was my dear best friend - Kai Xin's birthday. I think I used to blog about her birthday post in my blog from the first year I started my blog until now. I miss you Kai Xin. I know that there're lots of things happened to you, but stay strong, you'll be home soon. Everything is going to be okay :). Lovessss.

P/S: I'm going to make my own logo/icon/trademark very soon. BEH TAHAN NOW. haha. Remember the post that I have a list that I want to do when I'm free? Yaa, all will be done right after I've done with my current semester. Can't wait for that day X).

Monday, October 10, 2011

My weekend

A sudden sketch of my icon - rose. heee. 
Actually I'm very busy with tonnes of assignments, but guess what, I didn't spend my weekends on them. haha. It's just simply crazy that I've watched more than 50 videos in Youtube just because of Show Luo (罗志祥). He and another guy, Xiao Gui (小鬼) are the host of the show Entertainment 100% (娱乐百分百). There is a section for every episode when a special guest went to their show, which is Dancing King's dance class. Oh my goodness! The way Show Luo acted as a dancing teacher from LA but know how to speak Mandarin is seriously laugh out my lungs. I can't believe that I've laughed for 2 days because of him. hahaha. He just simply makes my days better, even personal problems are also thrown out from my mind temporary because of him. hahaha.

I have lots of lots of things to update. Seriously. I want to just sit down to type out what I want to say and think, for sharing or releasing stress. Hmmmmmmmm. When? T______T But I will try my best to update more don't worry :).

"You just don't know that how hard to control the feeling so that everybody won't notice it. The way I hold on is surprisingly...weird, but I have no choice."

Monday, October 3, 2011

New layout?

Blogger's new layout - Flipbook format.

This is my friend, Kim's blog. I was surprised with this layout, somehow I feel like it's has Tumblr's style. It has few options, like "classic", "magazine", "flipcard", "mosaic", "sidebar", "snapshot" and "timeslide". Each options gives you different feeling. It's quite interesting and neat. I like them all, just the I scared is  there's no place for you to add your chatbox, music, links, and stuff. Maybe it has, but I haven't discover yet. So now, should I change my blog layout to the latest one? I wonder.

*choosing mode*

Saturday, October 1, 2011


Simple wish and hope : please be nice!

* will update more *