Monday, June 27, 2011

Happy :)

A picture taken early in the morning, in my high school AMC :).

The duckies were not as colourful as this picture shown during my time in there. Some helpers painted them, and the colours really attract my attention a lot. Yellow, a bright and sharp colour, which has meaning of cheerful, sunny, happy, smiling... It doesn't look like a depress image with a quote I've edited. Well, maybe this brings a message that I'm happy for who I am? x)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Looking forward :)

Do you believe in ___________ ?
  • fate
  • destiny
  • miracle
  • karma

My answer is _______________
  • all the answers above  : )

Different time, different view

Is this the correct pathway to go?

Human's heart is changeable kind. There's no everlasting and forever memories, feelings and thinkings. It can change because of some reasons that fight with what we used to have. Days by days, nights by nights. It just can't remain the same all the time. I thought I could have a good relationship but it turned out the different way; I thought I might use 1 year to heal my pain but I just spent 4 months to get over it; I thought I could stay calm and relax to handle the problem but I was so panic to face it; I thought I was wrong but actually it was the truth: I thought I have 100% confidence of something but it just disappointed me at last... What is the point? Every thinkings that I have is just can't be come true. It is just a thought! So should I think it negatively so that it would turn out what I really want? Or should I don't think of it anymore, just wait and see? Should I?


Saturday, June 18, 2011

yes i will

I just got a new hair cut today :D. 

Short fringe and back. 

It's quite hard to wait the hair to grow longer, 

but I have no choice, cut the end of the hair because they're spoilt :(. 


I'll try to control myself for not falling again. 

It's hard as I thought, but it would be worse if I didn't do so.

Oh well. It's a kind of phobia I guess :S.

Let time to prove everything, I don't want to think of it anymore.


Off to bed, will go to AMCCO tomorrow :). Good night peeps.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Extremely excited

Random sketch from me xD. hahahahaha.
And ya, I'm wearing Starwalk T-shirt today. hee.

I can't wait to get my personal photo shooting album haha. Actually I went for this photo shooting 2 months ago. Waiting for the album to come out and I'll shout "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" It was the first I took modeling photos. Nice make up, nice clothings, everything was just perfect at that time. That's why I'm so excited for this. 


Monday, June 13, 2011

Oh happy

"That's why I smile" - Smile by Avril Lavigne
Opppsssss, should flip it horizontally first xD.

Lots of great things happened these few days, I have an indescribable happiness inside my heart. Truly happy. Outings with exclassmates, chilled out with friends in here, webcam with NS friends, new clothes are coming soon... AHHHHHHHHHHH!

I'M SO H-A-P-P-Y!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

♥ Gwendoline

Sunday, June 5, 2011

A sudden feeling

Click "Google Chrome" -> Type "" -> Log in my account -> Scroll down the news feed, bla bla bla....

STOP for a sudden.

"... ..."


It's my friends' photos from Penang and Ipoh.

I miss you my dear friends


♥ Gwendoline