Monday, May 30, 2011


It is a simple act, but sometimes takes a lot of effort. It can cause boundaries to melt, hearts to warm up, and distances to reduce.

Everyone looks pretty with their smiles, especially the smile truly from the bottom of your heart. So yea, I'm smilling :).

♥ Gwendoline

Sunday, May 29, 2011

The reason

We laughed non stop in the class xD. Why? See the pictures below. hahahaha.

Cheerio :D!

 ♥ Gwendoline

Tangled and Me

Yea! As you can see it's Disney movie, Rapunzel A Tangled Tale. It's not classic fairytale plot anymore, more to adventurous comedy and romance. I like this movie very much, the story is attractive and the graphics are impressive. The songs are nice to hear, especially the song titled "I See The Light". I remember I watched this movie with my cousin and Sin Loo (my junior) in Genting Highland at 25th November 2010. Awwww, what a good memory I had. hahaha.

Pascal the chameleon and Rapunzel :D.

I like Rapunzel very much, her personalities, her voice, her talents, her beauty... everything :D. Just only one I don't like, her hesitate character, but because of this character, the whole story has up and down where at last she made her decision without hesitation when trying to escape from the old lady who kept Rapunzel in a tall tower just to get the power of the long hair Rapunzel had to make her younger. But luckily Rapunzel met Eugene, and her life has changed to be better, and she also realised that she's the lost princess of the kingdom. At last Eugene and Rapunzel fell in love to each other as well xD. 


This scene is my favourite part <3! The lanterns are so beautiful. Imagine that you watch those lanterns live? I can't imagine how will I go to melt my heart with this scene. haha.

Maybe some of you guys will wonder why I post this since it was a 2010 movie. Well, there's a story that I have behind this movie. Every time I see the date of this movie released "25th November 2010", it reminds me a lot of things. Yaaa, those things, sweet and memorable. I can't describe how happy I was at that time, a different kind of happiness. Even though at that time we were far apart, we watched this movie separately, still the heart was connected. He knows how much I love this movie. He just knows it. Although we are not we were now, I still miss the him that he used to be. He has changed obviously, not the one I like anymore. Every time I watched this, the memories between me and him appeared on my mind. I just can't forget it :(. I want to forget this shit so badly, the wound he left for me was too deep, hard to heal up. One of my friends told me that I have to admit that the things happened between me and him was real, and I have to accept it. Yaa, she's right, no matter how much I want to forget him also, it's totally impossible to forget that we had that kind of relationship before. Even though I want to delete those memories just like clicking the "delete" button and everything will be gone ( so do him ), there is a software to find back those deleted files as long as it's not format before. Facebook is an example for this, our pictures, our conversations, our statues, it's a proven that this relationship appeared before, it's not a dream, it's not a lie. I have to admit it. I know he totally forget about this, but it's okay for me, his things are non of my business now. I know I shouldn't write anything about him again since I got over him finally, just that I watched this movie yesterday night. I cried for a sudden when I watched the part of lanterns, one is because of it's touching and beautiful, another one is... him... Another scene was when the King and Queen met back Rapunzel and they reunited again. I seriously don't know why I cried, I watched that lantern part again this afternoon, again the same thing happened. It's not because I still like him or what, just that I really miss the sweet part of us. Even if I say I still like him, the him is not the him now. But everything is over.

I just want to write out my feeling, not to say I still have feeling towards him. The connection between us is just a line called "friends"...

Till now, it was the best part of my life... Nevermind, I'll wait for another best part of my life :D.

* I'm okay now :). No worries *

 ♥ Gwendoline

Thursday, May 26, 2011

" I'm proud of my heart, Its been played, stabbed, cheated, burned and broken, but somehow it still works. "

 ♥ Gwendoline

A picture before sleeping

Taa-Daa! My pyjamas :D. hahaha. Korean style right? <3

*off to bed*

♥ Gwendoline

Back to normal life again.

" I am not always strong "
It's true, but I'll keep moving on in my own way :).

Hello people! I'm back again. haha. No more sadness, I'll stay happy :D. It's not worth it to be sad or what since it's hopeless. So I rather to wait a person who really appreciate everything of me, heee.

Semester 3, hmmmm, is considered better than semester 2 I guess. The classes are reduced, have lots of free time to rest and relax. At least there is no rushing classes and assignments, so everything is still okay for me. We'll be having a theory test from semester 1 until semester 3 later on, hopefully it's easy to answer xD. Semester 3 is all about digital art, the importants subjects are Advanced Colour Studies and Photography. Advanced Colour Studies is a subject which is related to Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. Luckily I've learnt these softwares before in re2, so it's easy to catch up during the class. So for my friends who don't know anything about these ask me for help. It's a kind of happiness after helping them and seeing their awesome works and results x). The lecturer is nice and fair to everyone, I respect him a lot. Although sometimes he's a bit strict, it doesn't affect of his views about our works, erm it's like he respects and support everyone's ideas as long as the concept of the designs are strong enough to convince him. Photography? Errr, I've done some photoshooting in KL with friends last week. Few days ago we showed the lecturer of our photos from cameras. He chose 5 pictures from each person and asked us to wash them out. In these 5, some are my favourites, some are simply taken. So I felt shock when he chose those simply and random one. Actually those pictures are not what I want to take, I can't find the feeling through the photos. Hopefully I'll improve more later on. 

* I haven't put any names for my laptop, handphone and camera. Any suggestions? xD *

Oh ya, although the classes are reduced, the assignments part is still the headache one. Hmm, how to say? We have lots of essays to write, Communication Studies, Moral Studies, History of Art D:. Seriously to say that my writing skill on essay has regressed a lot, I've quit writing essay after SPM, so I can feel that my brain can't work well when thinking of points and ideas for essay and stuff. URGH! Kinda sad of this, I feel so regret and sorry to my teachers in schools. 


I have a very weird feeling these few days. I don't know how this appeared. Dehhhhh. It just happens suddenly, and I keep on thinking of it :S. I'm not dare enough to think further. So I shall reverse to my starting point again.

Back to my topic again, the pictures bottom are some of my sharing about my photoshoot :D. haha. 

I shall end this post here. So long people. I'll update about my assignments soon :D.

♥ Gwendoline

Sunday, May 15, 2011


A random pose when I was waiting time to pass quickly.
(I love my nail arts, haaa.)

I feel like I'm a stupid person. Why? Honestly I really don't know. Things happened out of my control. I already told myself for how many thousands times that I have to let go and move on. For 100% confirm that I have accepted the fact that he won't come back anymore. Still, I feel like I can't get out from the hole completely. Everything he needs me I will help him, until I've abandoned my works. I know he makes friend with people for using purpose as the main thing, but why I'm still willing to help him without any hesitation? Is this called "blindness of love"? 

Okay, talk about this, I finally realise that I can't stand your attitude, the way you asked me for help and the action you did while I was helping you. I just want to say PLEASE respect me as a friend although it's over. I know you love her, but when you ask for someone's help, can't you be more concentrate? Don't you want me to spoon-feed you every time? I'm not your lover girl friend, neither your family. I'm just a normal girl! The connection between me and you is just FRIEND! Why I have to help you every time when I don't have the right to do so? Is it because you know what is my weakness and attack me by fully using me? You won't know how I felt that day. I really had the urge to grab your phone and throw it until it's broken into billion pieces. I was figuring how to solve your problem but you were busy texting to your girl friend, you are so awesome *applause*. FINE! I accept it. I know that I have helped you too much, until you rely on me. I'll still help if you need, but don't put to much expectation on me, I'll just help because of friendship. 

Sorry to say that you've changed to a person that I really dislike. 



Okay, I've done with my anger x). I'm glad that I can release it through this blog. I know the person I mentioned above won't read this post, so I have no worries. As I told before, sem 2 was a worse sem ever in my Foundation course except for the part of the final project. It's because of the stupid problems which have disturbed for a long time. Oh well, I didn't bring those sadness to sem 3 as it's a brand new sem and feel for me, also it's the last sem for Foundation course. After this everyone is going to their own degrees. I feel so sad every time I think of it. But never mind, we have Facebook x). hahaha. 

Oh ya, my sem 2's final project was about building installation by using recyclable items such as aluminium cans, newspapers, bottles and so on. The title was "Beautiful Garbage" and my group's tagline was "Don't go breaking Mama's heart". 

I really enjoyed the processes on this project. Although we met all kinds of problems, we managed to solve it and gave an awesome presentation :). We got lots of compliments too. Thanks to everyone in the group, Clara (the leader), Chiu Yee, Shelli and Vincent. Our hard works are worth it to be beautiful :). 

*more to be continued soon.

♥ Gwendoline