Friday, December 2, 2011


I have been lost for months xD. haha. Sorry, I'll update more SOON :).

* P/S : I'm going to have a long semester break, can't wait for it. Gonna rest and enjoy my break well.

Friday, November 4, 2011

TOP's birthday :D

The picture brings out the message that I want to say. *PEACE* XD.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Simple Update : Contact Lens

Hey there! Yaa, another simple update again. As you can see the picture above, it's the picture of me with contact lens. I can honestly say that it was my first time wear contact lens successfully! haha. I tried for several times before, only this was the one that I succeeded. My eyes are small normally, so after wearing the lens, it looks brighter and bigger, more to a teenage girl's style x). I bought it in night market, brownish lens. I'll practise more to wear this, and next time I can bravely buy a better pair of lens from the optical shop.

P/S: I've been taken lots of pictures of myself. This is so called "narcissism" haha!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Simple Update : Korean Music Wave 2011

Hey people! It's time for me to update the important thing that I should update it earlier. hee.


Do you still remember that I mentioned before about Korean Music Wave that was held in Stadium Merdeka at 24th September 2011? Yeay, that concert x). hee. Me and my friends Kezia, TTS and Winda went to the concert. We bought the tickets earlier of the month of September, so we got the 10% discount for it, originally RM138, after discounted it's RM124 :D. haha. It was the cheapest ticket for this concert. We can't afford for the expensive one, so the cheapest would do xD.

We went there by Winda's car. Actually we were lost when searching for the exact location of the stadium, there's only few signboard that has the word of "Stadium Merdeka" on it :(. We're like went round and round, finally found a taxi to lead us to there. haa. It was SOOOOO CROWDED with teenagers like us xD. I brought my baby, Gee (dslr) to there. Actually it was not allowed to bring any DSLR or camcorder, but I was lucky, the security just checked one side of my bag xD. haa. We sat on the place where people used to sit and watch football competition (FYI, it was in outdoor). It was really hot at first, we kept sweating, but luckily when it turned night cool breeze was blown. hee.

A BIGBANG fan that I bought in there xD. haa.
It was my very first and ever to watch live concert. I shouted like crazy people who has totally lost his control, probably came from Tanjung Rambutan. haa. SERIOUSLY! I just couldn't control myself when I saw those Korean singers appear in front of my eyes (although they are so tiny from far). FT Island, 4 Minutes, U-Kiss, Park Jun Ming, Seungri, G-Dragon and TOP really made me went insane, I kept shouting and singing with them in LIVE!! LIVE YOU KNOW! OH MY GOODNESS. The atmosphere was so high, until I kept sweating. Especially when G-Dragon and TOP, I just stood up and jumped following with the beats of their songs. All of them were so awesome, they were successfully bring the happiness to us XD, except for TeenTop. I'm sorry for their fans, but they are not my type :/.

Awwww I miss that night so much. I'll sure go to concerts again if my favourite Idols come to here and have their concerts xD. heee.

Oh ya, 24 September was my dear best friend - Kai Xin's birthday. I think I used to blog about her birthday post in my blog from the first year I started my blog until now. I miss you Kai Xin. I know that there're lots of things happened to you, but stay strong, you'll be home soon. Everything is going to be okay :). Lovessss.

P/S: I'm going to make my own logo/icon/trademark very soon. BEH TAHAN NOW. haha. Remember the post that I have a list that I want to do when I'm free? Yaa, all will be done right after I've done with my current semester. Can't wait for that day X).

Monday, October 10, 2011

My weekend

A sudden sketch of my icon - rose. heee. 
Actually I'm very busy with tonnes of assignments, but guess what, I didn't spend my weekends on them. haha. It's just simply crazy that I've watched more than 50 videos in Youtube just because of Show Luo (罗志祥). He and another guy, Xiao Gui (小鬼) are the host of the show Entertainment 100% (娱乐百分百). There is a section for every episode when a special guest went to their show, which is Dancing King's dance class. Oh my goodness! The way Show Luo acted as a dancing teacher from LA but know how to speak Mandarin is seriously laugh out my lungs. I can't believe that I've laughed for 2 days because of him. hahaha. He just simply makes my days better, even personal problems are also thrown out from my mind temporary because of him. hahaha.

I have lots of lots of things to update. Seriously. I want to just sit down to type out what I want to say and think, for sharing or releasing stress. Hmmmmmmmm. When? T______T But I will try my best to update more don't worry :).

"You just don't know that how hard to control the feeling so that everybody won't notice it. The way I hold on is surprisingly...weird, but I have no choice."

Monday, October 3, 2011

New layout?

Blogger's new layout - Flipbook format.

This is my friend, Kim's blog. I was surprised with this layout, somehow I feel like it's has Tumblr's style. It has few options, like "classic", "magazine", "flipcard", "mosaic", "sidebar", "snapshot" and "timeslide". Each options gives you different feeling. It's quite interesting and neat. I like them all, just the I scared is  there's no place for you to add your chatbox, music, links, and stuff. Maybe it has, but I haven't discover yet. So now, should I change my blog layout to the latest one? I wonder.

*choosing mode*

Saturday, October 1, 2011


Simple wish and hope : please be nice!

* will update more *

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sorry for disturbing


Yerrrrr, why these few days like I said/did something wrong and make people feel angry of me? I'm sorry for what I've said. What a bad luck I'm having now.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Happy birthday Jia Qi!

Jia Qi, one of my besties in Limkokwing :D!
Jia Qi, an Indonesia boy, who loves fashions and arts. He likes to draw girls with different kind of clothes, and he's good in art and craft. I like most of his artworks, which inspires me a lot :). 

Yesterday (23 of September) was his birthday, haha. My friends and I bought him presents, and had plans to fool with him. It was so bad that he knew everything we're going to do. Still, we threw him to the pool and let him wet xD! hahaha. I didn't join the throwing part, because I never treated a friend like this, even in birthday party. Luckily he didn't feel angry, and accepted the "challenge" xD.

It's what I bought for him x). haha. 
Hope that he really likes this present. There are more people's birthdays coming soon after him, so lets see who will get more tricks xD.

YEAY! TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT I'VE WAITED FOR SO LONG! KOREAN MUSIC WAVE! WOOHOOO! I'm going to meet G-Dragon, TOP, Seungri, U-Kiss, FT Island, 4 Minutes, Park Jun Ming and Teen Top! This will be my first time attending a concert, and it's from KOREA! I can't wait to shout and have fun in there xD! ahhahahaha.

Friday, September 23, 2011




The best to hide when you're crying, feeling sad, upset, depressed, emo is listen to loud and full-beat music and ignore everything.

Back luck 220911

I was really shocked when I saw a big line of ants "crawling" around my bed and my desk, and even my bag! I didn't even realise until I took my bed up. Seriously "oh my goodness". I keep on shivering for this whole day, and I can't really stop them, they are living things too. But what to do? I have no sweets things in my bedroom, my mum told me it was because of the humidity and the changing of weather make this happened to me. Disgusting right? Even I killed them my hand will get a smell, yikes. Now I've cleaned my room and spray aerosol of mosquitoes, Ridsect, hope that will help :S. 

Maybe I used to lock the door when I close it, I accidentally closed the kitchen's door. We didn't have a key to open it. ARGH! It was so troublesome, until my housemate called the owner of this unit, and asked locksmith to open the door. How stupid I am. Hmmm.

I was not feeling well early in this morning. Yaaa, just knew it.

What a unlucky day I had for this date ---- 220911. But the one that made me feel happy was I get to meet Xuan, a NS friend of mine, she's having holiday in KL and staying in her friend's house for 4 days. We met in Timesquare and did some shopping there. It was fun and glad to talk to her. Love you Xuan, thanks for the only one reason that cheer me up.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


终于不再问了,你想要什么 。
我以为我能撑得住,能承受失去你的 孤独。
再用不着担忧,没办法陪伴你会 寂寞,呜...
我以为我能撑得住,能承受失去你的 虚无。
不要你看我无助,让你觉得爱我是 错误。
只要你能过的幸福,就算再苦 我也仿佛 得到了祝福。

张栋梁的新歌 :)






Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Shoo you jealousy

It is what you can't really hide from people no matter how secretive you are.

My To Do List

I have so many things to do. Wonder when I'll finish them all. hahaha. 
Hopefully these can be done as fast as possible. 

Yes, I can do it XD!

*   *   *   *   *

There are too much that I want to say out to here, but I don't know how to start :/.

Monday, September 12, 2011

My Assignment in Degree :D!

Illustrating ourselves into cartoons. Still left another version :D.

Actually it's quite fun to play with this assignment. It's because we have to draw ourselves so that people will know who is the one we drew by looking at the first sight. There are some other assignments that are interesting too, but I won't upload them in here. haha. * act secretive * xD.

Thanks to my dear assignments for ruining my lovely 1 week mid term break. Hmmm, well, I didn't go back to my hometown as my mum came to KL and visit my aunts. So I just followed her. I thought I would just stay in the house, surprisingly we had the chance to go to Sepang's beach and rent 2 units of houses for 3 days 2 night. We went to the beach nearby, which is not clean at all :S. My aunts and their friends collected lots of oysters, crabs and other seafoods, and I just went there to took pictures haha. It was not bad actually, just that I had spent my time with my assignments, couldn't really enjoy the excitement.

Scarecrow/Fishergirl costume D:.
I just wanted to protect myself from the sunlight.
Assignment makes people busy. Okay I should stop complaining now :X. It's time to do them. Tata!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Sim Fah and Sim Yew :D.

Happy birthday to my very dear friend SIM FAH (28/8) and SIM YEW (24/8).

I feel so sorry that I didn't go back to Ipoh during this 1 week holiday. I planned to celebrate their birthdays together and sleep overnight in their house. My mum comes to KL, staying in my aunt's house. So I just follow her. Sorry ya, I'll "ganti balik" the celebration, sure will :).

Assignments ruin my holiday seriously. I have tonnes of them to finish up in this short holiday. I thought I would play around freely, * FAIL*. Drawings for character profiles, colour a black and white pictures, illustrate 2 cartoon-me, type movie report about "Tangled",  design 6 expressive typography, and othersssssssssss. ARGH! It's no use for me to mumbling right? Sigh.

Continue to battle with those "ass"-signment.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Few things that happened recently

Go run, run, run...

Seriously, I don't know what I want and what I'm doing now, totally complicated. It's like pretending don't know, acting normal, escaping the reality and accepting the truth. I've struggled for the decision. Give up? Continue? Leave aside? "It doesn't matter whether how it comes up in the end, as long as you've tried before and never feel regret. Just follow your heart, do what you feel comfortable with," well said by my friend. So... I think that I shouldn't make my own decision right now. Just let it be whatever it is arranged for me. I know it's hard to do so, but I'll try. Maybe through this way, I'll feel better and won't get the same pain and hurt again :). * Cheering up *

I was so shocked about what my mum told me yesterday night. I really can't accept the truth. Problems exist long time ago, now it turns out to be a volcano ( you can't imagine how this VOLCANO happened ). Dear Buddha, please pray for everything to be smooth and good. I beg You T___T.

" Best feeling: when tears turn to laughter because someone who doesn't want you to be sad said/did something funny to cheer you up."

Thank you for yesterday. I know that I'm still that weak to handle those kinds of problems. I'm sorry that I've made you feel uncomfortable. But I truly feel thankful and glad for what you always did for me to cheer up me when I was sad and down. You always comfort me, and try to make me feel better again. I know those efforts that help me a lot (maybe it's just a small case to you). I'll learn to be more independent and strong, won't let myself fall easily.

You're just awesome and precious to me :)))).

Saturday, August 20, 2011

So long, farewell :).

My stufffffffffffff :O!

Just done with my packing and cleaning of my stuff and the room. This is the last night for me to be a "Desarian", I'll be moving out to Cyberia Condiminium. And gosh, I really have too many things with me. Lets see how these things are going to be carried to the new room. Luckily I have a friend who can fetch me there, thanks a lot Ah Wei x). Now I just want to spend my last night in Desaria Villa Condominium peacefully and quietly :). I'll miss you, and visit you soon. So I'll officially become a "Cyberian" start from the coming evening. Hopefully I'll get my life in there with enjoyment and fun with those friends :).


Jealousy is killing seriously. You only can feel the sudden sourness when you see the scene that you don't wish to see :(.  * SILENTLY SITTING THERE AND WATCH THEM, IT'S LIKE WATCHING A MOVIE THAT YOU DISLIKE (NOT HATE) * But what can we do to avoid this feeling? Hmm, maybe I should use this vinegar to cook different kind of dishes and eat them with bowls (or plates) of rice (what the hell I was talking about? :S)

Bla bla bla... * Fly away *

Thursday, August 18, 2011

hmmm :/?

Everything has to start from the base and slowly build up to complete it.

One of my good friend asked me about something yesterday, which surprised me a lot. After chatting with her, I also think that there is something hidden between this case. Is that pretty obvious? I wonder.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Before and After

2010 vs 2011

Yaa, I've FINALLY changed my student ID. I've becoming prettier x). haha. No la. Actually it's the problem of the photographer and editing. The left-side was taken before 2010, while the another side was taken in June 2011. haa. Yaaa, quite different. I blamed that it was the photographer's problem, but maybe it's a good fact that I'm now prettier (eleh, feel like want to slap me right?) xD *syok sendiri*. Actually changing a student ID needs to charge for RM50, but because I've moved to a different faculty now, sooooooooooo it's free :DDD. I was so excited when I got my new ID card, nearly shouting loudly in the registry. haa.

Oh my goodness, I've really becoming prettier now XDDDDDDDD (just ignore me).

Ouran, again :D

I miss watching this anime, seriously. 

This anime, Ouran High School Host Club really cheers me a lot. 
I almost laughed crazily for all the episodes. hahaha.
Currently watching the live action from Youtube.
And guess what, I'm laughing like a weirdo now XD. 


Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Somehow, I feel so lonely now. It's like not the feeling I got when I was in Foundation. Although I feel glad to have an awesome friends who take the same course and even same class with me now, the feeling of emptiness keeps on disturbing me. Yesterday I went to Red-box with my Foundation's friends, who are Indonesians. I was the only Malaysian among them and the only one who takes different course from them. It isn't feel good, or "uncomfortable" should be the best description to say out my feeling, I feel like I'm out of their circles. Oh well. Still, I'm grateful to know that they actually still treat me as a good friend even I'm different from who they are. I do have other Foundation's friends, they are also in different courses. It's so hard to meet them in campus nowadays.

Who likes separation? Who likes to lose contact with one another? Who wants to change the word "friends" to "strangers"? No one right? We still have to move on, as this is one of the parts in our life. Hmmmm.

So, I'm trying to adapt myself more...

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

NO, Thank You!

Currently I'm addicted to this song. It's called "NO, Thank You!", the second ending song by Hikasa Yoko as Akiyama Mio for the anime "K-ON!!". I don't know why, but when the first time I watched this music video, and listen to the song, I felt in love with it immediately. I've heard this song for 50 over times (maybe not that many times xD). Seriously I love it so much. Maybe it's the melody, rhythm, tempo, beats... etc that attract me a lot.

And for some of the reason, I love the design and the concept of this single album. Maybe this shows another side of the usual "K-On!!" that we used to watch through the anime, which is a cheerful and happy band. 

I love K-ON! and K-ON!! :DDDD.

Friday, August 5, 2011


I've been having insomnia for almost 1 month. Yea, the stress that makes me feel so complicated and confused, which I thought I couldn't handle them at all. Finally, my problems are solved day by day. One of them is about my registration as a degree student. After waiting for 2 weeks, I'm now officially announce that I'm a degree student * ^.^ V peace *. It was a hard process to be patient enough for all the process of this registration. Luckily I've settled them nicely. hee. Some other problems like ______ and ____ , and a more private ______ also have been slowly solved. AHAHHAHAHAHA! I feel extremely relief now x). 

So bye bye Insomnia :P. heee. 

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Yui and Ui, daisuki :D

They are Yui and Ui from K-On!, a nice anime :D.

I love to see the bonding between these sisters. They are so close to each other. The way they call each other is so cute, "Imouto", "Onee-Chan" :D. Awwww, my heart melts everytime I see them. The way Yui hugs people, especially Ui, is sooooooooooo adorable. I think of my sister when I watched those scenes. Yaaa I love my sister also :).

Wednesday, August 3, 2011