Friday, September 10, 2010


I feel so warm and relax to be at home.

After one month staying in the hostel, I'm now in my hometown finally. The feeling is like so great and yet sad. I miss my home so much. 1 month didn't stay at home, what a feeling to describe this. I'M ALIVE?? Ya, home sweet home, I feel so comfortable now. Woke up at 5.15am and followed Chris (my roommate) and Aun back to Ipoh. Thanks to Aun's father, who is so kind to fetch us back, haha. 

It's holiday, and you would think what's people's plan for this holiday. Me? Either stay at home for Internet and assignments or hang out with friends. Also, spend time with my family. I have 4 - 5 assignments need to be completed before college starts. All are drawings and information researching. Guess I should spend much time to do these stuff well. I wanna buy lots of things back to my hostel. Luckily I have the list of stationery and daily stuff that I need to buy. Money spending again but no choice haiz. Chris said she will go to the library near AMC next week. I think it should be okay to do my assignments in the library, right? Ya it should =). 

Reunion, this is what we say to meet our friends that we used to mix previously. There's 1 for Yang Qin (AMCCO). Actually that is not considered as reunion, it's a farewell party for the form 5 this year. They're so kind to invite me and Sze Hui (best partner) to join the party. I feel so glad and happy to know this, and I can't wait to meet my dear Yang Qin's family. I love all of you, muacks xD. Another one is my classmates. Well, it has been a long time I didn't meet most of the 5S7-ians except Shin-E as she's in the same college with me ( I feel so bad that I didn't have the chance to talk to her that much =/ ). Oh well, don't know this can be done or not. 

Feel like wanna drive now, let me count, 3 months didn't drive at all =O. Wow, my driving skill is worse for sure, geee =/. But there's no car for me to drive. Yer.. how?? -----> WAIT =(.

More updates will be coming soon. haaa. 

*Need to settle my research for my assignment @_____@. Then download songs hahaha! 

Good nights buddies =).


Sunday, September 5, 2010

A break when doing assignments

Just taking a break, haaa.
Using my friend's laptop now.
I'm now in my coursemate's room. 
Well, everyday have to face those assignments.
Ya, it's just drawings, but can you imagine you have to draw everyday?
I still can handle it so far.
Sometimes just will get bored then feel like don't wanna do anymore.
Luckily, I have friends that can accompany me when I'm alone.
I love to listen to their conversations, they're so funny xD.
Really can laugh out loud until stomachache. 
I love them so much. Thanks guys =D.

Eating Oreo xD.

My coursemates. 
Jyellise, Denny, Chiu Yee and Me.
Tee Wern, Ming Yue, Darwin and Edward are missing. 
Should upload it here soon. 

*Back to assignments again =____=.