Monday, August 30, 2010

Who am I?

What a long way to go.

These few days, I don't know why I got a feeling that I'm not myself anymore. This appeared just for a sudden. Life, what is life? Sometimes I can't stop thinking of the reason why some people can be so easily communicate, and some don't. I'm lost of direction now. I don't know where am I. Somebody please search for my spirit. I wanna talk to somebody, but I feel like I'm too selfish to just tell all my stuff. Because I can feel that people will get impatient to listen. Am I too sensitive? I know I get emo easily when I'm alone. So now, I keep on telling myself that "Don't think too much, it's just a small case. You can handle it well and just relax yourself." OKAY, I'll cheer up again again and again, because I also hate sadness.

*Pop to assignments now. 


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A new turning

Hey blogger. I know I have not been updating my blog for some periods, couple of weeks I think. I just miss the time I spend in Ipoh, online everyday. I can't online everytime because I have to use my broadband and laptop for it. Sad to tell that my dearest baby MACBOOK is under serviced now, have to wait for another week then only it's okay. I use Digi broadband here, the internet line is very weak until I can faint at anytime. So now I'm updating my blog with the computer provided in the library.

Ya, I have moved in to Cyberjaya 2 weeks ago, and I'm now staying in Desaria Villa Condominium, the hostel under LKW or LUCT. Actually I planned to stay in the campus, but there was no empty room available. So I have no choice to choose, and stayed in a single room which faced to the kitchen. Okay, the first time I stepped into the house, I was like " EWWW, this is so dusty and dirty." It seems like the house cleaners didn't clean the unit for weeks. YIKES. Then my parents helped me to carry my stuff, they're so heavy and a lot. haaa. I also have no idea why I bring so many things to here. There are a swimming pool, study rooms, gyms and other facilities available here, it's considered not bad. The food here is so geli now, because we always take our lunch and dinner there, that's why sometime I feel like don't want to eat.

I still can adapt myself to the environment in the college. Ya, it's totally different from high school life, because we are allowed to bring phones and mp3 players here, costumes are not limited as long as it's not too short and sexy. Oh ya, music can be heard every corner of the campus, those hits songs on the radio. NO lifts but stairs, and I feel like coming to this college is like gaining my stamina for my legs, it's painful just like in NS. haaa. Everything here is BLACK and MONEY. Okay, it's in KL, so this is normal to say. I really get shocked when I saw lots of foreigners here, from China, Korea, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, India, Mongolia, UK... It's not that easy to find Malaysians here, unless you go to talk to them at first, and ask them where are they from. I'm taking foundation in arts for 1 year, so everything is about sketch and draw from basic. I do enjoy drawing, and time flies without any expectations in classes. H0pefully those classes will be more interesting and fun sooner.

Okay, here's the part that I wanna to say here. The people here are so realistic, especially KL people. A phrase to describe them "They judge a book by its cover." If you know me, you'll sure understand what am I trying to say here. I don't care about those people, too fake. And brave to tell, I didn't talk to them much. It's better to stay neutral and don't know anything, or just don't want to comment of anyone. Well we won't notice it until something happened. So, can you imagine how horrible are the people here? haiz. Guess I should stop this paragraph now.

I took lots of pictures, but I can't upload them yet. Perhaps this will be done by next few weeks. haa. So just stay tuned =).