Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dinner in Heritage Hotel

Hey there, haaaaaaa =D.

I'm going to update about something that made me feel happy,
no more emo post xD.
Me and my family went to Heritage Hotel to have our dinner.
One of my dad's friend invited us to have dinner.
That was the first time we had it in the hotel, sounds so interesting.
These are the dishes we ate, YUMMY.
The shark fin's soup really awesome, I LIKE IT!

After that, me and my cousin went to the toilet then took some photos.
It's not consider nice anyway, but I just like it.
Maybe we looked different with dresses?

Thanks to my dad's friend.
If not I guess we won't have this chance to there.


Going to leave Ipoh very very soon.
ARGH!!! I'm going to miss Ipoh a lot.
My bed, my home, my family, my friends, my life, food,
I don't know when will I be back again.
Well, just it's time to adapt a different environment very soon.
I'll take good care of myself, no worries =).
Of course I'll continue update my blog, heeee.
Hopefully everything will be fine =).



Wednesday, July 21, 2010

With those kiddies

Finally, it comes to the end for me as a temporary kindergarten teacher. Let see, it had been 2 months ago I started to help me piano teacher, who's the principal of her kindergarten. At first, I didn't want to take this job, because I have limited patience, but my mum asked me to give it a try, so I just accepted it. I don't like to wake up early in the morning, because I sleep quite late at nights. So, I always kept yawning in the class. Thanks to those kids, who are so active, naughty and cute, I got back my strength and teach them in class. Of course, I was just a helper, there are two more teachers who really teach them. The class that I taught was 3-year-old and 4-year-old children, there are 16 of them.

Let me briefly talk about everyone of them.

4-year-old class
  • Mok Yan - A girl who loves to talk about herself and what her mother did for her. She always acts like a teacher, asking other children to follow her order.Her colouring skill is very good.
  • Kah Khin - This boy loves to speak Cantonese, get scolded by teachers not to speak it at school. His breakfast really delicious, bread with ham, cheese and sausage. ARGH, made me hungry all the time .
  • Yi Chong - He's actually a 5-year-old boy, but he can't catch up anything in that class, so my teacher just put him in this 4-year-old class and let him learn more. He's a bit girly and so baby, but he loves to watch cartoons. I love his colouring skills too =).
  • Shin Yee - She's a quiet girl. You ask her questions for so many times, she only replies you "yes" or "no". She listens to teachers' orders, that's a good character of her.
  • Oscar @ Chee Keng - Hmmm, he's a boy who used to bring mee to the school in the morning. He always asks for games and plays, it's too bad that he can't. haaa.
  • Dick Xin - Oh Dick Xin, he's a good boy I can say, obeys to teachers. His homework is good, but the sad thing is he's too passive, feels affraid to ask for the permission to go to toilet.
  • Vishaliini - An Indian girl who cried at first she went to the school. Now, she's so talkative and busybody. I don't like the way she stared at me =(.
  • Koren - Hahahaha, Mr. Koren, he always asks why this friend didn't go to school or what. He looks at other things when the teacher asks him to do his homework. He needs a special teacher to guide him.
  • Kelly - She's a brilliant girl. Her homework is not bad too, but she cries easily ( sounds like me when I was a young girl ). She loves to hop with single leg.
  • Yu Tao - ARGH! This boy, he's good in games not homework. His writing is.... (guess it). Well, I have no comment but SIGH...
3-year-old class
  • Keat Sin - She's a good girl. Singing is her favourite. She understands more than Yu Tao seriously. I guess she likes Mickey Mouse and Doraemon.
  • Vicky @ Hui Yun - Sometimes I don't know what she's talking, but at least she knows what I said to her. A left-handed girl, likes to dance around and eat fish balls.

Special and Naughty Kids
  • Dixon @ Zhang Hao
I LOVE DIXON so much. A 4-year-old boy who doesn't like to write. He's good in recognizing ABC and 123. I was the one who guided him in his homework ( writing and colouring ). He's so funny and crazy sometimes. His alien language really makes you laugh non-stop, but when he's asked to read the books he pronounces them so well, foreign people's sound. haaaa. He loves to play with me, and I chased him just want him to sit down quietly. He loves animals toys. Oh ya, one way to make him sit down quietly is to let him watch cartoons like Mickey Mouse, Tom and Jerry, Magic English and other interesting one. He loves to crawl under the tables, especially it's time for him to take nap. I guess he doesn't love to sleep?? We sing a lot when he did his homework. There's a song for both of us - PINK COLOURED OCTOPUS, PIAK!! haaa.

Proudly to say DIXON DIXON I LOVE YOU as a little brother =D.


Random shots when guiding him in his homework.

He's so adorable, I want him as my brother seriously. He's mine xD!!!

  • Chee Xun @ Xun Xun
A 2-year-old boy who is very clever and naughty. He's number 1 in crying, pee-ing, eating and beating. He's cute sometimes, maybe it's because his actions. But he always ask for toilet, I wonder that does he really go to pee, haaa. He has a strong strength and quite stubborn. He loves to draw other kids' books, and also gets punish by teachers - sit on a high chair. He loves ice-creams. Playing water makes him feel happy, but after that get scolded again, hahahahaha. He follows other children for singing and reading.


Naturally cute he has =).



Purposely took these photos after breakfast. I like the last photo of him xD.


  • Yuan Yiu - Yao Yao
PhotobucketYao Yao, a girl who loves to play around at first. She took out all the toys but don't even bother to put them back to the cupboard. But after a few months, she starts to love colouring very much. She asks for papers to colour whatever she wants. Sometimes she disturbed others for fun. In June, her hand got scalded by hot water, that's why absents in class for a month. After that, she's the latecomer in school, arrives in school around 10.30pm. Still, she manages to finish her homework as she stays in the school until the evening. Her crying really makes you feel pity and want to love her more.I love her eyelash, black, long and nice, I always got "electric shock" xD.

Young girls like pink.




Three of them are the one who train my patience a lot.
I learn a lot from them. I love you, really do.
I won't forget three of you, so hope that you'll remember me as well.

Random pictures with Dixon, Xun Xun and Yao Yao.

These are the food prepared by my mum for my one and only farewell party with them on the last day I work in the kindergarten. Everyone felt so happy and enjoy the food.
( P/S : Celine, mum said you won't feel like want to eat these because they're just simple dishes that to make kiddies get excited, haaaa. )

I'm going to miss the time I spent with those kiddies A LOT. I feel so thankful to God and the teachers there.


Thursday, July 15, 2010

It's okay after all

SMILE Pictures, Images and Photos
After crying SMILE appears =).

When you thought that you're going to feel sad for a long period, actually it is the best time for you to have different thinkings. Actually I was sad about this but now I get over it finally. It doesn't matter as long as we stay happy. Yaa, I'm okay and tougher now. Thanks for letting me get this lesson. So be happy okay =)? I'm sure you will. Once again, I'm sorry although I know I can't make any differences now.


Saturday, July 10, 2010

What happened to me? =S

The end of a new day and the start of another One

唉,对自己投降, 不再去管。
想暂时消失一个星期 ....

LOL, what was I talking again? =S


Wednesday, July 7, 2010




Do GOSSIP seems to be a trend nowadays? I love gossips and updates for sure, and I admit that sometimes I'm too busybody ( Gee, I wonder if I'm annoying to comment =(! ). It's nothing wrong for the person to gossip no matter good or bad, but think wisely first before starting those gossips. Everyone has different views and stands, you have the right to say that this person is good, that person is bad, bla bla bla. I can talk lots of gossips, but too bad that I didn't realise that actually I'm kinda bad person because it's too over. I finally understand that actually the moment you gossip of anyone, you're the next target for other people to gossip for. Just take an example: "From my view, you're bad. From your view, I'm bad." This fight is not going to end that fast, in the end who's the right or both are wrong or there's no wrong and right between? Hmmm, lets see, if this won't happened at all, then this world won't have court, lawyer and laws. This is reality, so cruel and unfair seriously. We always thought we're right, actually we're not, just like bad guys in movies that those people hate a lot, we just didn't notice it. There's a limit, just don't exceed the line then you'll be safe. Hmmm, you may be good person for some people, or bad person for some people again. So you're between good and bad, means neutral. It's okay after all. "Don't care about what they said about you, just be yourself." I think I need to correct this sentence. It should be "Not to be too mind about what they said about you, but you still can have a chance to correct yourself since they know your mistakes and comment on you. Be thankful enough that you have them as your friends, it doesn't matter that they care or ignore your appearance now. After that, warn yourself everytime not to make the same mistakes again. Be yourself (the positive one), because 'I am who I am.' "


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Just thought of it, nothing else.

Actually I thought of lots of things these few days. It's probably because I had insomnia, thanks to evening naps and coffees. There is no everlasting matter in this world, I'm sure that lots of people will agree with this. Well, I feel like when we were young and small, we wanted to grow up faster just because we dislike exams and homework; However, when we grow up day by day, we just realise that every moments of childhood was so enjoyable and fun, it's too bad that we can't go back to the past, and regret for what we've done previously. How I wish I had a time machine, which I can go to both of my past and my future, one is just want to correct the mistakes that I've done before and another one is the curiosity about my life after this. Of course, I know this is impossible and this word is always used for this kind of post - APPRECIATE. Everybody knows this, but who will really go for it? Another thing is we always say be grateful of what you have now, again is this just to say? I feel like every time I said "I will appreciate with what I have," it might be a joke for me. Don't know why, I just have a feeling that I've used the wrong word, maybe "use" would be suitable for me.

Hmmm, I'm sure everyone is selfish. Somehow, I think I'm worse than anyone. Is this just the truth or what? Maybe, who knows right? You think that you're good and kind to everyone, actually you're not, you just use them for your own benefits. You hate those bad characters who act in movies, but don't you think that actually you're the same person like them? You won't notice anything unless there is something happened around you, negative feelings will appear automatically without any reasons. Some of the people here will think how to protect themselves without getting hurt and any troubles, maybe this is wise, but is this called selfish too? I don't know why I have a feeling that I've hurt my friends by saying or doing something wrong, I didn't notice that at all, until it happened, I regret for what I've done. Maybe they didn't mention anything, "apology" keeps appearing on my mind. "Sorry" might not work for some situations, it depends on how the person think of it. "If you want them to be good to you, you must be good to them first. Don't expect to get anything without giving out anything."

You will meet different people every part of your life. Friends from childhood, primary school, secondary school, tuition, outside, cyber world, college or university, working place and so on, there're a lot right? Some of those friends are so close to you, some of them keep in touch with you through Facebook or MSN or SMS every time, some already lost for long time ago and suddenly Facebook bring the friendships back (Thank God for this.), some just totally don't know where he or she is, some situations are like both of you know each other but not that close and the last one is both of you were friends, something happened and there's a gap between, in the end the status is from friends become strangers. Do anyone notice that people will say you will meet new friends in the future, so don't feel too down and sad of the separations, and not every new friends can be trusted and have to beware? Opps, this was what I thinking just now, sorry of this kind of randomness. Anyway, just observe, warn myself and be careful all the time, I'm sure that I will have other good friends in the future and always keep in touch with those friends I know. "Don't ever forget those friends who are/were good to you, no matter both of you are still friends or not, at least there are/were sweet memories between that will always be kept in your heart and do feel grateful that you've met him or her as one of your friends in your life." This is not what I thought at first, and I have to admit it that I really hate this part (sounds kinda bad girl I am). But what can I do? That sentence was from my friend, thanks to her.

I just want to say sorry for anybody whom I hurt before. I know that "sorry" can't cure anything, it's just a kind of politeness I guess? I have no ideas how to get forgiveness from them. Perhaps there's no chances anymore or the current situation is the best for now. I know I'm wrong, and I only know how to say sorry and avoid. Ya, chances are given for me to correct myself and I didn't appreciate them. Are they just soft-hearted or Am I too selfish? "Never judge a book by its cover", this is true, and yet I'm not talking about anyone but myself.

This is just a random thinking. Maybe I had my thinking session for long time ago. Anyway, hope that all of you guys have a nice day =).


Friday, July 2, 2010