Monday, June 28, 2010


Finally, those AMCCO's juniors are back from China for 1 week trip. I just wanna tell them "Welcome back girls!!". They represented AMC to China for Chinese Orchestra Competition, and I just flipped through those photos they took. It seems like they really enjoy the trip (China woh! Of course man xD!!). Oh well, they had a nice and wonderful trip in that week. So just feel happy that they can enjoy themselves there. Hee. When I saw those photos, I feel like wanna go there too. Maybe that will be the stories after years. Who knows right? haa.

Yesterday was the FIFA World Cup match between England and Germany. I'm not into football actually, but surprisingly I can get updated news from Facebook. Germany won in the match, 4 - 1. Those friends commented on the results, they said it was unfair because England had a goal but the referee didn't bother at all. Opps, what happened? Luckily I'm not a football fans. But I couldn't stop laughing when I saw those posts on the walls. They just posted immediately. HAAA!!


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Hujan

Happy Birthday, Sin Yee @ Hujan.

One of the gang of SUKHOI in NS.
I miss her smile, her jokes and the way she talked.
She is the one who gave me the hormat of my nickname, gee..
And she is so so so CRAZY. I love to chat with her.
Oh well, maybe I'm not so close with her like Gerlynn and Wan Yee do,
I still appreciate that I can meet her in NS.


Friday, June 25, 2010


" I'm an evil devil, don't near me if not I'll eat you up. "

Okay, this is just a random post. I just feel so bored today. I have the feeling like friends are missing these few days in Facebook. Less people online =(. Everyone is busying with their own stuffs. Well, for a person who is so free to online like me, I totally wanna give up for onlining. Oh well, I just say for my own jokes. Life still goes on, so just be prepared yourself to suit in every situations.




一直以来,丁当说唱的每首歌都有震动力,尤其是 《下一站幸福》的原声带里,她的歌多数以情歌为主,唱出了大家的心声。这一次,这首《我是一只小小鸟》,原本是一首老歌,却被丁当唱出了它的灵魂,丁当嗓音中带著神经质的澎湃与激昂,把它诠释出生命的每一段精彩。曾经,我在学校常常唱这首歌,纯粹是想唱来自己开 心,感染身边的朋友。虽然有好几次,朋友们说我傻了,癫了,我也不管的继续唱。从没想过,这首歌原来是这么令人震撼。谢谢你,丁当 =)。我真的被这首歌感动了。


" 我用了绳子,绑着嘴巴的两个尾端,你眼中所看到的笑容才慢慢出现。


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

R.I.P Cikgu Ali

Some of the gang with Cikgu Ali.

What a sad news to know that Cikgu Ali bin Sudin, one of the teachers from Kem PLKN White Resort has passed away at 2am this morning. He had heart problem, and died in Hospital Balik Pulau. This is out of what I thought, what a sudden of shock I have. I can't believe this happened. He's a good teacher, teacher in SUKHOI K1S7 2010. He told us lots of stories and made jokes with us. I love the time when he took in charge of our wirawati Sukhoi in the morning, because the exercises given by him will be less than Cikgu Fini, and he taught us simple exercises which we loved to do. I remember he has a whistle and said what exercise he wanted need to do it on time after the whistle has blown. Oh ya, he likes to tell stories to make us didn't concentrate on the things that we had to do after that. He likes Sin Yee - Hujan, everytime he saw her, the song came "Hujan yang turun bagaikan mutiara". Our gang always laughed at Hujan because of Cikgu Ali. This made Hujan so awkward everytime we said that. ARGH!! Cikgu Ali, you're a very good teacher. I miss your laughter, your jokes, your smile. I still remember the compliment you gave to me about the costume in retro night, I got 85 marks. Thanks Cikgu for giving us a good memory in NS. May you rest in peace =).


Tuesday, June 22, 2010


sunflower Pictures, Images and Photos

I want to be a yellow sunflower.

The kiddies in kindergarten today had their colouring for their classwork.
They coloured quite a number of things, flowers, leaves, plants, circles, triangles and mountain.
I love it when they coloured rose and sunflower.
Although they're still kids, they still very great in colouring, simple and nice artworks.
I saw sunflower, and thought of something suddenly at that moment.
How I wish I could be sunflower, because it always face to the SUN.
It meant a lot to me, cheerful and happy.
Of course, the main thing is I feel so warm.
Thanks =).


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Nice music videos and songs to share

Charice featuring Iyaz - Pyramid

Sum 41 - With Me

We Are The World

We The King featuring Demi Lovato - We'll Be A Dream

Carrie Underwood - Undo It

Lee DeWyze - Hallelujah

(Oh ya, Lee DeWyze is from American Idol 2010. He's awesome. xD!)

These are just wanna share what I love to listen to. Later more updates for this. =)


Saturday, June 19, 2010



Strings are used to tie up the two ends of my mouth, and smile appear.
Thunders strike inside my heart badly.
Taps in my eyes are nearly going to leakage.
My heart now is split into pieces.
You just can't understand how pain is my heart, heartbeat skipped a lot and abnormal.
There is not only one, but a few things to think and feel.
I'm afraid that I'm going to be crazy soon, too many things happened unexpectedly.
What a useless one, it's twisted and messed up.
Let me stay alone, maybe I'll be okay soon.


Saturday, June 12, 2010

Meet Mai Mai

I went to Ipoh Parade last Saturday to meet dear Yin Ying@Mai Mai, with Sim Fah, Mun Yee, Wai Xian, Yi Juin and Qin Shi. I had no idea why there were lots of people in Ipoh Parade. haha. Probably is because it was the start of holiday. Okay back to the title. I'm so happy to meet them again, maybe it's because we used to talk and play around in class. Mai Mai said she wanted to eat cakes, so we walked to Secret Recipe, opposite the mall.

I ordered Oreo Cheese Cake, same with Mun Yee. Wai Xian had her Blueberry cheesecake, while Sim Fah loves chocolate so she ordered chocolate one. I forgot what Yi Juin ordered but I definitely remember Mai Mai's one, BANANA CHOCOLATE CAKE!!! =_=. It sounds so weird, especially the word BANANA there. haha.

Mun Yee's new spectacle really makes me think of darling MEOW =(. IMY badly. And WOO, Wai Xian wore PINK. Yi Juin wore as usual, blouse and a long pants. Qin Shi is a GREENY GIRL. Her shoes and bag are so sweet, nice bows. Mai Mai costume really made me thought that she knitted herself.

With Qin Shi and Mai Mai. I really didn't meet Qin Shi for a long time. She's funny as usual. haha. I miss her way of talking. She really makes people laugh. Mai Mai also, good in thinking how to shot back.

All of us =).

Qin Shi went back to work. ISH! We went to 100Yen for a while. Then back to Parade again. Sat in the food court and chatted again. We met Phui Yin and Kar Yen surprisingly. Kar Yen looks a bit darker as she just finished her National Service (what Kem Segari??). Nice to meet both of them there.

Phui Yin looks nice with her curly hair.


I just don't know what is the reason that made you feel so angry and not happy. So I just kept quiet and didn't say anything. I'm sorry if I've made things wrong, especially the feeling like I use you, really sorry for that. I hope that you are okay. That's all from me, thanks for the day =).


Starwalk 2010 (6/6)

Last Sunday (6/6), Starwalk was held in Stadium Indera Mulia early in the morning. Before that, me and Sim Fah went to The Star Office there to get T-Shirts. I helped Vet and Xuan to get the T-Shirts too. Unfortunately, left XL and XXL shirts. =.= haha. So we have no choice, picked up XL sizes. The day before Starwalk, Vet was not feeling well. So she didn't join this activity. Too bad that she's sick, if not she can achieve her goal xD! Oh well, I went with Xuan. We went to stadium late. But, luckily there's no rules for not allowing the late comers to join. We waited quite in front in those crowded. There were lots of people which I think are form 2 or form 3 joined this.

Start and Finish =D.

We took this photo before it started. I like this photo so much.

And it started finally. We walked as the name of this activity is STARWALK. I saw quite a number of people ran all along. They probably wanted to get the certificate from The Star, can gain some marks for co-curriculum in schools. Me and Xuan just walked and chatted together. Of course, we sweated a lot, but we already get used to it, as there are lots of sweating activities in National Service too. Oh ya, the roads were a bit different from 2 years ago, which we didn't pass PoloGround and Heritage Hotel. I think the roads of it had cut short. I didn't expect that we can walked that fast. Maybe the roads really not enough 10km, and we used the short cut to reach the ending point, and we finished at 8.55am!!! Oh my goodness, unbelievable right? =S Well, it's a happy one that we got certificates, woohoo! Got some Milo and 100Plus for free.

See?? Many of the participators already finished the walk.


Photo after the walk.

We met YuanYee there. It's too bad that we met her after the walk, if not we could walk together.

Nice shoot from me xD!

After that, we sat beside the road, just to get some rest. Surprisingly I met Ying Hui and Bee Yan, AMCCO's juniors. I really miss Ying Hui so much, asked her for Yang Qin's situation and so on, happy chatting time with her. Then me and Xuan felt hungry, walked to the food court nearby and had our breakfast (I guess). Then, Louis came and joined the chatting. His hair is growing xD!! haha. No more monk. We called Vet and Eugene. But too bad that Xuan had to go first, her family wanted her to take lunch together. =(. Then left me and Louis, waiting for Vet and Eugene. Vet came first and fetched us to Station 1, and her sister followed too. Eugene the late comers looked so sleepy, slept at 2am. haha. Long time didn't chat with Louis, who just came back from Aussie. Chatted until 1pm, we went to Jusco for a while, Vet bought movie tickets and Louis went to KBox. Then Vet had to fetch her sister back, so left me and Eugene. Waited for Shew Ping in front of her house. The weather was so hot. But luckily there's a car for resting. At last she came back, then we went to McD. Lots of things to "kay po" about their class. =_= Well, at least I can hear some interesting part of the stories. Then Eugene fetched me back after that.

I think if all of us join the chatting at the same time, it would be more fun...

p/s: I didn't meet who I want to meet during Starwalk.


Good News

Photography Pictures, Images and Photos

Hi there. I should update some important news here, GOOD NEWS. xD
Well, the first one is I get scholarship from The Star. WOOHOO!
I feel so lucky because this is the only one I went for interview and I get it.
Lots of thankful to God. So now, I need not to worry about financial problem.
My dad and mum won't feel burden for my studies now,
and I won't hear any complaints from my dad.
What I need to do is study hard that's all.

The second good news is I pass my driving test on last Friday (4/6).
The test was really really made me nervous and scared.
Especially the part of driving on roads, it started to rain when I was in the car.
But I love to drive the new Kancil from the driving center. I felt so comfortable xD!
Guess what number I took for my turn? 38!! =.=
Get what I mean? I'm a kay po person. Haha.
Anyway, I really really thank God for these good news.


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Good Luck.


Ahem, finally, tomorrow is the day for my
If I get a P license, I can successfully drive on the road.
However if I fail, I have to retest again.
Well, I have phobia of driving.
I really scared of cars on the roads,
those drivers are so horrible to me.
I don't know why.
And I think most probably is because I'm afraid of involving into accidents.
ARGH!! Whatever.
I just hope that I can pass the test.
So wish me luck, I'll do my best =).