Sunday, May 30, 2010

My Sunday

Picture of the day, from Maid-Sama.

I went for jogging with my mum and cousin in Polo Ground early in this morning.
Actually I rarely can wake up early in SUNDAY morning.
So one this is the best Sunday I had for this year ( I mean after National Service ).
Crowded of people went there for exercise and morning activities.
It's hard to find a parking, but luckily we found it.
Walked 2 BIG rounds, and sweated a lot of course.
The morning air is fresh to breathe, I like it,
especially walked with the huge trees besides.
I wanna be SPORTY, so this will be continued with my mum.

Practised piano today. No art lesson as today is the fifth week of the month.
Great chatting time with Ms. Mok, shared some little kids' stories and gossips.
I'm playing English Suite III BW 808 Prelude from Johann Bach
and Schubert's Sonata in A minor D 845.
In the slow-motion process, but I will keep on practise them.
I really envy with those friends who have pianos at home,
they can have their practices anytime.
Haiz, how I wish I have it too.
Never mind, well I should be appreciate that I still can learn piano.

I don't know. =P

trying to say _ _ _ , but how and is that possible?
Am I lying to myself?
It's so complicated.
( don't think don't think )


Saturday, May 29, 2010


I'm in the mood of DORAEMON.
This is not a joke, I also don't know why this happened to me.
I just feel that I find back my childhood memories.
Hmm, kinda childish, but I don't care. xD
I still can laugh when watching.
My mum also feels that I didn't grow up at all.
Well, that's me who love cartoon and anime so much.
Of course not those kinds like fighting and shooting.
Well, that's my memory. So I just grabbed it back.



Jogging xD.

A Runaway of Truth

From yesterday onwards, I will jog every evening. For a person who doesn't like sport at all like me, it's quite difficult to make myself to jog continuosly. I'm not a sport person, hate it. That's why I get fatter and have an unhealthy lifestyle everyday, online, watch TV at home. So I decided to jog to have a good pass time. Jogging with my mum and cousin, quite fun although it's tiring. I wanna KEEP FIT. xD!!! I didn't jog for such a long time after National Service. It's time for me to do so.

* continue persuading myself to JOG!!


Saturday, May 22, 2010


突然想说: 有时候,不去想,反而会让自己好好过。

近来的日子很平凡,可能是太久没上学了,看到朋友们穿校服,重新收拾读书的心情,心里有着说不出来的感觉。“后悔”“回忆”“珍惜”“享受”,杂乱了起来。以前,不是很喜欢上学,要不是因为朋友和生活,我是很难从睡眠爬起来。现在,身边的朋友多数就读中六。看着他们穿着校服,突然想说:"我想念我的读书时光。" 心里有了就读中六的念头,即使还要穿校服,守规矩,我也无所谓。至少我曾经享受即用有那美好的回忆。而且还会有什么机会可以穿上校服? 只能说没关系,最多向朋友借来穿然后拍照。岁月冲冲,人生就是这样。拥有时不会珍惜,一旦失去了才知道可贵。到幼儿园打工,看着小朋友那天真无邪,单纯想玩耍,再拿自己来对比,实在是差太远了。有时候,或许把难题想得简单些,也能找到转机。从他们身上,只能说我寻找了童年。想想,有时候不需太执着,暂时放开一边,不让自己痛苦难过,承受的压力也减轻。用另一个角度去看待事情,其实比没那么糟糕。越想越痛苦难过,勉强去承受,倒不如不再去想,一切顺其自然就好。

现在的我是暂时性的快乐,可能之后就会腻在问题了。不过放心吧,我没事的 =)。


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Money is everything??

Money Pictures, Images and Photos

How would your life be if there's no money at all? One word - POOR. But if life is fulled of happiness, it might be okay for certain people ( Unless we have a simple , stable and happy living ). Still, the reality will bring back the fact "NO MONEY NO LIFE". Since young, everyone is taught by dear parents to study hard in schools, to aim for a good result. Then, we have our further studies in better colleges or universities. After graduated, we will find jobs, just to earn a better life in the future. And again, our life is all about money. Just imagine if we don't have money, we can't buy and do anything. Money is needed to get what we want in life sometimes. Money can be our friends, but it can also be our killer. There is so many robbers and thieves in this world, just wanna get MONEY, wanna be rich. So what do you think of money? GOOD or BAD? It depends on how you think. Maybe something can't be bought such as time, feel, relationship, family, love, but try to ask yourself how are you going to survive without money? Don't feel surprise about that, that's the truth. Humans will sacrifice for money and reality is always cruel.

I feel so frustrated because of it. Life is totally different after secondary school, even though you wanna study more, the financial problem will follow you all along. I just wanna study, and the fee of the course is 10K? Okay, then that's the reason why you keep asking me to change my mind and blame my choice. If really so, I just follow what you are going to decide for me. Need not to think so complicated and both of us will feel happy together. At least you won't complain in front of me. I feel like nearly giving up soon, no hope. I pray hard, so that I'll get a better solution as soon as possible,and I won't be that suffer.

Suddenly think of this song "SHE WORKS HARD FOR THE MONEY".

Thursday, May 13, 2010

my class =(


I like this photo very very very much.
Yeah, this is my classmates in 5S7 (2009) of AMC.
I purposely gathered all the funniest photos from everyone of us,
just for fun and remembrance.
It's like a photo which hides different stories behind.
And, I edited it for a whole evening and night.
I feel so proud of it,
because I planned to make this long time ago actually.
( I just can't stop laughing xD!! )
I miss you girls.
The moment we had fun together and gossiped around,
the way we against the prefect,
the time all of us were punished together under the Sun,
the time we signed our name to have an objection,
and so on.
It's a memorable one, in 5S7 (2009).
Although there's some gangs,
we're still in the same boat.
The bonding between us is STRONG!!
Everyone's busying with their studies and future now,
so don't know when we can meet up again.
Well, hopefully there will be a gathering soon.

" Try messing with us. You'll get it. "
by 5S7 (2009)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Dear Mum


Happy birthday Mum.

Yaa, today (9/5) is her birthday, and Mother's day too.
Celebrate both at the same time =).
Well, mummy, stay healthy and happy all the time.
I'm sorry for everything that I've done wrongly.
I know you feel tired sometimes, because of family.
I'll try my best to help you. Don't worry Mummy.
I'll be good girl, won't let you worry about me.
Thanks for what you've done for me these few years.
I love you Mummy, I really do.
* I'll learn cooking and baking cakes as soon as possible, =D!!

I went to my teacher's kindergarten as a part-time teacher.
Help her to take care the children there.
Mostly are 2-4 years old, have to be patient.
Well, I think I'm okay with this job,
because I helped my teacher before when I was form 2.
Plus, I can earn my pocket money, yeah!!
That day was Friday, giving out the love for every children there.

Nice right?? I made it, something like puzzle. haa.

Gonna start my art lesson again.
Long time didn't paint and draw.
Hopefully I'm still okay with it =).

I'm in the process of taking driving lesson.
Driving is fun and exciting,
but there are lots of cars on the road,
needs to be 100% careful and pay attention.
Well, practice makes prefect.
Hope that I'll be more confidence after sometimes.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

interview =)

I like the colour of this picuture =).

I applied for scholarships : Star, Nanyang and Astro. And I got reply letter from Star. The interview was at 5/5 (Wednesday), in Limkokwing College there. Because the staff of the college are the one who interview me, not Star publisher. So because of that, my dad fetched my family to KL on Tuesday night, reached in my aunt's house at 12am. ( I thought of lots of things in the car =(. ) Surf the net until 2am!!

Then, the effect was I had not enough sleep for the next day.
Then the next morning, I woke up at 9.30am, felt extremely sleepy @_@. But no choice, I have to follow my aunt to Putrajaya. We went to Prime Minister's house, shocking right? It's under construction, so no furniture inside, can't take photos. My aunt is in charge for the curtains of the house. It's a big big big project, because the house is so big, lots of curtains are needed. I heard that the previous PM also stayed there before. Hmm, guess what, I know something about the house. * Geli loh >.< * Left there at 1pm, straight away went to Limkokwing College for my interview. Actually my aunt didn't know where's it located, only know Cyberjaya. So we followed the signboard, but still we're lost. Then we stopped near bus stop, my aunt asked a taxi driver to guide us there. Need to pay RM 13 for it, gila meh? When I saw that college, my reaction was "WOAH!!! NICE!!" The college is so BIG! At that time, there's a function in the canteen, maybe some concert? I have no idea. haa. Went to the "Student Service" section, waited for my turn for being interviewed. I received a call before, said the time for interview had changed to 2.30pm, early 1 hour. So I just waited there, sitting on the sofa provided.

The main entrance.

The counter. Lots of clocks.

Met 3 guys there, 2 Indians and 1 Chinese. They wore so smart with ties, and the Chinese guy tied a bow xD. The Indians are taking Technology course, while the Chinese is taking fashion design ( suit him =) ). I just don't understand why there are so few people went for interview. Maybe they just stood or already interviewed?? Don't know, haa. I had my breakfast in the morning, and I didn't eat anything. My aunt went to Cafeteria and bought orange juice for me. Thanks =). The process of waiting really makes me felt tired and sleepy. Just before I nearly slept, the guy in charged for this interview called my name and asked me to get ready. Really nervous about this, because that was my first time to attend a interview. I jotted down the important points for questions that might be asked before, got ready for the last preparation. Then finally, it's my turn at 3pm. When I went into the room, I kept smiling don't know for what reason, maybe it's a manners. After greeting them, sat down and saw three persons, 2 women 1 man. One of the women looked a bit strict, another one was friendly. These are the questions they asked me.

1. Tell me about yourself, Gwendoline.
: I talked about who am I, where am I come from, my secondary school, stay with my family. The strict one asked me to talk more about my family: My dad's job, my mum and my sister. When they heard about my sister, they asked for the information about her since she's handicapped. I just explained her ability and my mum is the one who takes care of her.

2. Why you choose this course and why Limkokwing? And tell me your understanding about this course.
: Accidentally said
"sounds interesting” , got questioned. I explained immediately, phew~. I said interested in this stuff, and re2 International Computer School inspired me a lot. Talked about re2, where I had my computer lesson and learned my basic there.

3. Why you choose this course since you're a Science stream student?
"Found my interest in the middle of the year when I was form 4." I said I don't like science subjects.

4. Do you know how to draw?
: 'Yes, I learn art and I love to draw."
They saw my SPM results, and asked me for my drawing to see. I don't know this will happen, so I just said I didn't bring. They explained to me that foundation needs lots of drawing and sketching, asked me to be prepared for it.

5. You're from convent school. You are suppose to better English.
: "Yaa, I was from convent school but Chinese Convent. Both English and Mandarin also can, but usually used to speak Mandarin in school."
They just felt a bit surprised why Mandarin ( I think they don't know about AMC?? ) and explained that LKW is a global school, English is used to communicate. I know that, so I'm advised to speak English more for improvement.

6. What you did after SPM?
: "I went to National Service in Penang."
Next question was what's the unforgettable memory, answer from me was "WIRAJAYA (weird), what first time went into forest, using compass and map to find way out bla bla bla." Then the strict one asked me what I get from the NS. "Friends with different races, respect, bravery, discipline..." Again, their explanation about LKW, lots of Africans, some from China and other countries. Need to get use to it. Yaa, I know, I saw that before the interview, the passerby... =/

7. How did you come to LKW, since you're from Ipoh?
: "My dad fetched me to my aunt's house, my aunt fetched me here."
Paid RM 13 you know??

8. What's your strength?

: "Hardworking?? =.= try my best to finish my work on time."
They said good, then asked me whether I will attend the classes earlie. And they said the time table for the classes are different, sometimes in the morning, afternoon, evening, and even at night!! Being questioned whether I'm brave enough to walk back my room ( if I can find companions) .

9. What if you don't get this scholarship?
) "Har?? Err, I will discuss with my family about this again see how the situation is." What a shame!!

10. Is your dad supportive of your choice?
"At first, his expectation was pharmacy, scientist, doctor... I don't like those scientific things. My mum and me convinced him, then now he supports me. =D Ya, my mum is supportive."

11. What are you going to do after graduating?
: "Work for TV or advertisements, video editing..."
I just simply said it, because I haven't really think of it yet.

12. Any questions that you wanna ask?
: About this scholarship, the percentage is 100% including foundations and 3 years. Just for tuition fees. And if in this 3 years I might have the chance to go overseas for assignment, that fees also need to pay myself
( my dad ). And my results must be good, no failing.

13. Are you ready for this course?
"Yes of course. I'm looking forward." wondering whether this answer is true from my heart or not.
14. You only applied for LKW as your college?
"YES!!" They smiled.
15. Hopefully you can have a chance to go to KLCC before leaving KL.
"HEHEHE.. " Don't know what to answer =.=

In conclusion, I kept smiling to them =). Hope that I can give a good impression. Because my aunt needed to work, so we just left LKW after that. I had no time to go around, what a waste. AND, I FORGOT TO TAKE PHOTO!! ESPECIALLY MY COSTUMES, ARGH!! >.< Hmm, my parents asked me about the process, I told them of course. My dad really made me speechless, “I already told you this and that, you should answer like this….”, “Actually I wanted to tell you about this, but…” I just listened to him quietly. Okay daddy, it’s over now, so it’s no use to say it again. HOPEFULLY I can get it.

At night, we had our dinner in Kajang. Met my cousin –
Maelynn. Such a long time didn’t meet her. When we got down from car, hugging came automatically, made my mum felt surprised. I really miss her so much, and we just chatted non stop. Took some photos with her.
I stayed overnight in her house, since we didn’t meet for so long. She gave me a mask, her mum ( another aunt ) gave me a shirt and a small fan. I like that shirt, orange one. Mae did her homework while I was watching TV dramas. Again, I was so crazy for taking photos.


I stayed overnight in her house, since we didn’t meet for so long. She gave me a mask, her mum ( another aunt ) gave me a shirt and a small fan. I like that shirt, orange one. Mae did her homework while I was watching TV dramas. Again, I was so crazy for taking photos.
Went for breakfast, fried ban mian, yummy. Thought we have to back to Ipoh in the morning, but then my dad delayed the time until 1pm. Sat in the car for more than 3 hours, my sleeping time XD.

P/S : There’s a joke to tell here. My dear little cousin Qi, told her class teacher the reason why she didn’t attend to school for 2 days. Guess what, her answer really makes me feel “oh my goodness!!” She said, because she followed me to KL. I went to PM’s house. Her teacher asked why, and the funny part here : “ She went there for interview!” WHAT LAH!!! =.=’’’ The teacher didn’t feel strange at all, said OH~. Her friends said they envy of me. HAIZ, speechless of this.