Friday, April 30, 2010

weather, HOT!

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Can you feel the hotness? =S

I really hope for raining now.

The weather is really really really HOT.
I can't stand with the temperature,
need cold air more more more!!
ARGH, please rain...
Went to Tambun Lost World again yesterday,
with Sim Fah, Wai Xian, Jia Voon and Mun Yee.
Too bad that Yi Juin and Xuxu can't join us.
I'll update for it later.


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

at the cross

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Oh Lord You’ve searched me
You know my way
Even when I fail You
I know You love me

Your holy presence
Surrounding me
In every season
I know You love me
I know You love me

At the cross I bow my knee
Where Your blood was shed for me
There’s no greater love than this
You have overcome the grave
Your glory fills the highest place
What can separate me now

You go before me
You shield my way
Your hand upholds me
I know You love me

You tore the veil
You made a way
When You said that it is done

And when the earth fades
Falls from my eyes
And You stand before me
I know You love me
I know You love me

* This is one of the worship songs that made me deeply touched and moved to tears when I was in RGBC Church during National Service. It was so sudden that my tears kept rolling down...


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

days in penang

I thought I can't follow the gang to Penang, suddenly my mum asked me to follow my aunt to go to Penang. I was so extremely happy about that, because this decision was really out of my expectation. On 27/3, my aunt drove from KL and stopped in Ipoh to pick me up. We chatted a lot in the car, well it's hard to meet my aunt since I didn't go to Penang for Chinese New Year celebration for 2 years. Talked about scholarship, life in National Service and other stuffs. Reached in Penang around 9pm. Before that, I asked Xu Hwa to come out and have a meet up because she didn't come to Ipoh since her dad didn't allow. We were so excited to meet each other and chat non-stop. We met in Gurney Plaza then sat on the side of Gurney Drive. I miss the sea breeze for so many years. I love sea, that's why I was so happy at that moment.
Bought a bear for her from that sister =D. She's a creative person who likes to do art and craft.

Me and Xu Hwa were so closed in NS, and we chatted until midnight then only back to my grandma's house in Pulau Tikus. I went to temple with my relatives in the next morning. Met my dear cousin, Paulina, another cousin Patrice was not there. Such a long time didn't see her, she's so thin. I didn't realise that she changes a lot compared to the last time I met her in Ipoh until she started to talk to me. We talked in English not Hokkien surprisingly. Maybe I change to more talkative person, XD. But, I've forgotten to capture photos with her, haiz, maybe next time. Took lunch with uncles and aunt. Nice restaurant, a bit Siamese style, like it =D. I had nothing to do in the evening, took a long nap due to tiredness. It's undeniable that Penang has a hot weather =S. After that, I followed my aunt to have my dinner with her friends, Auntie Doris and Auntie Li Wei in a restaurant called what Deluxcious... ( correct me if you know.. ) And it rained heavily.

Had a plate of vegetable salad, a plate of pasta and a bowl of soup, yummy. After that, we went to a coffee shop for cakes =D. I like the surrounding there, it was so different from others. Maybe I was attracted for the design and decorations, felt like wanna capture photos. I had a nice moment with the aunties, I mean photography time of course.

Like these balls, antique one.

Random photoshot =D

( Left is Auntie Doris, Right is Auntie Li Wei, Middle is my dear Aunt )

Thanks to Auntie Doris, the photographer for that night.

The next morning, I packed my things, got ready to stay overnight in Celine's house. Then, followed my aunt to have my breakfast + lunch. I ate Ice-Kacang, fried rice and sushi. Lots right? I also wonder how I ate so much of food =S. We went to Hard Rock Hotel, my aunt booked a room there to stay with Auntie Doris for one night. They thought I will stay there too. I dead for online, so I had a chance to do so from 3pm till 7pm. Thought that after that I can go to the beach and Celine's house. Unfortunately, it rained again, continuous for two days. My aunt said I was the person who brought rain to Penang, maybe. XD. No choice, took my dinner in Hard Rock Cafe. Nice environment, and live band. I just like it. HAHA! But, I felt extremely full.



Photobucket Met King of Pop - Michael Jackson

But, I had no chance to eat spaghetti cooked by Celine's mum, =(. Reached her house at 11pm. First stepped into her house, saw her hair, WOH. Then we chatted a lot a lot, like very long time didn't meet each other. Another amazing feeling there. She helped me to plan my schedule in Penang for the next day. Went to Pragin Mall for the first time. Something like Ipoh Parade, but Ipoh Parade is the upgraded version. I bought hairbands, clips, posters and shirts. Totally excited with the things that bought back, feel proud of it??


We called dear Joyce to hang out with us at night in Tanjung Bungah, so dissapointed that it rained AGAIN (WTH?!) and she was unable to go due to no transport. Then changed our destination to Gurney Drive, after dinner in hawker stalls.

Oh ya, we went to G Hotel too. Celine brought me to the swimming pool.

We wore the shirts almost the same, haa.

We just walked along, and enjoy the sea breeze and the night, sat and rested for a while... Then walked to Good Hope Inn. It was my first time walking at Gurney Drive, a new experience. Well, as what Celine said, exercise ( keep fit ). Again, we chatted a lot, more deeply, =D. Woke up quite late, because both of us slept late in night. Celine watched movie, I online. Haa. Her dad fetched us to her school for LCCI stuffs. He talked to me, I was quite surprised, and Celine told me that her dad never talked to her friends before. I was the first one. haa. We went to Gurney Plaza to meet other NS friends there. I saw Joyce and hugged her, damn miss her so much. Met Jocelyn, Pattern and Min Xiang.

We went to Kim Gary for lunch, looks like Food & Tea in Jusco. Later then, Eugene, Jack and his girl friend came, late..Then went to the next restaurant, forget its name.

Back to Celine's house again with Eugene's car. Then we went to Paradise Beach. I miss BEACH so much can die for it. FINALLY it didn't rain at all, phew~




Photobucket Photobucket
( edited by Eugene, funny lah. XD ) ( Took our dinner in modern Indian restaurant.
I want to go there next time. XD nice place.)

Then, I followed Eugene back to Ipoh around 9pm after buying "Chee Cheong Fun" for my mum. Erm, something happened after that =(...

It was a fun trip in Penang in my life for 18 years. Previously I went to Penang just to celebrate Chinese New Year and visit my relatives. I had no friends there, so usually stayed at home, nothing to do. Until I went to National Service, I meet friends in Penang. Thanks for everything friends, especially dear CELINE. A big great thanks. And also Eugene, the one who fetch me back to Ipoh safely. I wish I could go to Penang and meet the rest of our gang, hopefully is before my school starts. Forget to tell, I studied for my undang test, boring. And also, Celine played her violin, wakaka. I like violin =D.

* By the way, there was another annoying person, lazy to mention, and he gave me a moody memory. So just ignore him. Luckily he didn't disturb me now.


Monday, April 26, 2010

song ---> moody

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Suddenly listened to the song that describe my feeling.
My brain turned blank.
I just listened quietly...
in moody mood,
and cried without any reasons.

There's a wound which takes time to heal.


Friday, April 23, 2010

back to the days 2


I edited this photos XD

Well, I don't know when dear Celine will upload her photos for the next Ipoh trip. I just say here randomly. At first, we woke up at 10am something. Then, we went to find Poey in her mum's saloon. Oh ya, before that, Yvette fetched Louis and some of us went to take out money for shopping. We waited for Poey to wash and dry her hair. Then her mum let Hujan to drive another car, which is a manual car. We went to Ipoh Parade separately. Only Meow and Banana followed me, Celine, Louis and Yvette, others were sitting on another car. Eugene waited for us in Sam Tet, thought he registered for the form 6. Then we ate our lunch in Kopitiam, since another gang of us said took lunch separately.


And here's are the poses suggested by Celine, funny right? We acted like promoting the food there.

Met Desmond and Justin unexpectedly. Then we walked around the mall. I only knew that the shop MAP is under Louis. I was like "Oh really? I can't believe it." Haa. Then we met up the rest. Went up to Hip-Hop Arena there. I can't forget how Banana reacted when she saw the things sold there. She was so EXCITED, and shouted AH so loudly. XD Poey brought them to cheap and nice stuffs. Celine and Yvette went to buy clothes, and said want me to accompany the guys because they felt so uncomfortable when there's guys around them when choosing clothes. Actually I didn't feel like wanna buy something there, so just waited for them with Eugene and Louis. It was weird to sit beside 2 guys, and they talked about personal stuff.

Suddenly, I thought of Mun Yee, so I went to Parkson see she worked there or not. Ya, we hugged together and chat for quite a long time. I miss the time we were in school, how she called my name "Quack De Lin", and used to sit beside me and guide me in physics lab. She's so THIN, can't compare with her. Haa. Then because the Penangs were quite rushing of time (except of Celine, she stayed 1 more day for rebonding her hair), Yvette drove them to bus station to buy tickets, and went to her house for packing. *rushing was so tiring =/* Then they left Ipoh, I hugged everyone of them, felt like don't know when I can meet them again after that chance of gathering. Then left our gang and Poey. Yvette called Yong Kit to drive Poey's car and fetched Poey back to her house. We ate dinner after that, and back home.

captured by Eugene.. in front of my house

(This is just a roughly one, more details please wait for Celine XD)

p/s: There was lots of things happened during that time.Some good some bad. Guess what, I don't know how they feel to this gathering. It's all about EAT and MONEY mostly. haiz... I rather choose to stay in the camp with them then like that. But anyway, I felt happy to see them again. =D


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

back to the days 1

Relaxing myself and thinking about sweet memories I had =)

Hey there, I'm back with some flashback for last month 20/3 until 22/3. Those few days are the SUKHOI gang reunion in Ipoh. Butterworth, Bukit Mertajam and Penang also have, but unfortunately I can't go. Too sad that Joyce and Xu Hwa were unable to come to Ipoh. Well, start from the beginning. The friends in Penang came to Ipoh by bus, reached here about 12pm. They went to Jusco and had their lunch in Food and Tea. I met them after 2pm, as I busied with my scholarship stuffs, and my parents were so wordy about that =/.

We straight away went to K-Box, and met Louis, Jia Qi and Justin ( a friend of Meow ). I didn't sing Karaoke for quite a long time. Well, I didn't sing as much as last time, since there were so many of us. After 8pm, we went to the food court near Stadium Indera Mulia and backed to Yvette's house. I decided to slept overnight with them so that we can chat more. Then we went to Tong Sui Gai near Sam Tet. We felt so sorry to Eugene and Jia Qi, they waited for us more than 30 minutes. Quite embarrassed about that =( .

Then the next morning, we went to Tambun Lost World. I live in Ipoh for 7 years, that was the first time I went there, weird right? We woke up at 9.30am and packed our things before breakfast.Time to go and have fun, XD

Took our breakfast with Yvette's family in Hillcity Hotel. I love dim sum, so delicious.

Arrived there about 12pm, took this photo while waiting for Louis and Eugene to join us.

Then, we played water and sat on the floats which were paid, a Big 8-shaped. Playing around, including slides, river, and some games inside. They played the pirate ship, which is not suitable for me to play, damn scary. We also played swings =D and saw rubber ducky, and this was the starting for Eugene to have that nickname, wakaka! We ride on a train provided to Petting Zoo. There's some animals, and we were able to have a close looking.

Cute rabbits XD. I love rabbits actually, adorable.

Posing =D

With this red parrot, something like Faber Castel??

Unfortunately, it rained suddenly. Meow, Wan Yee, Banana, Hujan and Gerlynn used plastics bags as their temporary umbrella, LOL!! Then we went to Louis's house to take a bath. It's not so good to go there, we didn't close to him actually, but that feeling was like we were friends since long time ago. And, his house is near mine, I can't believe that. XD

Celine, Yvette and Meow captured with the hamsters, so cute.

After that, don't know for what reason, Justin called Desmond, so we had two cars to go, one was for guys, another was girls. We went to Ipoh Specialist to visit JPP aka Poey. She was sick at that time, unable to join us, pity her. But luckily she's okay. Long time didn't meet her up, so I felt excited when saw her in the bed.

We went to a restaurant near Tesco and Jusco there. The dishes were not bad, just felt like a bit weird. Maybe not so use to eat Chinese dishes with friends.

The Ipohs had no ideas where to go after dinner, because the places in Ipoh are totally different from Penang. Went to Polo Ground for chit-chat. But it's dangerous because few of us and some Malays, and DARK! Still very enjoy there, because we're 18 now, don't have much time to have fun at the playground. Then we went to Tong Shui Gai again and ate the same thing XD.

o Fetched Eugene back to his house, in Jalan Pasir Puteh there. That was my first time went to the road. Unexpectedly, we went to 2 guys' houses that day. His house is a big one, nice design, modern style with dark brownish-black wardrobes.

Actually wanna talk more about that, but some photos are in Celine's computer, still haven't upload yet. I mean second day we went to Ipoh Parade. So I'll stop for this moment first, until Celine upload her photos, LOL.

Celine and Me with spectacles XD ( I look so silly lar.. )