Thursday, March 25, 2010


Waiting for something that unbelievable.
Maybe surprise, don't know... haa =D
Just got the feeling that something is going to happen



Happy Mood =D

For some reasons, I feel happy now. Wanna know? Haa. I'm not going to tell here XP. Let's see, these few days quite boring for me, because I stay at home, doing nothing special, always online and facebook. What a boring life I have now. My Penang friends from NS came to Ipoh, I joined the gang and played around XD. Most of the time was chatting. I love to talk and laugh. That's me (sounds crazy right?=.=) After that I'm back to the normal life AGAIN. I wanna find something to do, my dad wants me to apply lots of scholarships. I HATE THAT =( keep forcing me. Never mind, just let it be. HAHA! I'm extremely happy now, who cares? =D

p/s: there's a post about the gathering of NS friends soon. =)


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

NS Life part 2

Covering everything from my face XD

Finally, I'm back to the mood of blogging. I tried to not writing about that actually. A little bit laziness. XD Let's talk about NS life then. At first, it was quite scary to go there, because I don't know anyone in the camp, except for my schoolmates, Yvette was the only one who same squadron with me - SUKHOI. Here's the picture of it and the FLAG that we made ( tapejara ).

I'm very happy that I can meet new friends there, especially my gang. Celine, Mei Xin, Poey, Yvette, Joyce, Gerlynn, Sin Yee, Wan Yee, Melissa and Xu Hua. I love them very much, muacks ( although there's some problems between us ).

The nickname we have here. Guess which is my name???

My friends in my squadron, Seen Yee, Ee Hwa, Zi Ting, Jia Qi, Mum ( Top@Sabrina ), Aisyah, Era, Teah, Fara, Solehah, Anis, Daya, Fishaq, Fifi, Miera, Umi, Ayu, Salehah, Yasmin, Tina, Mangala, Roghi, Jessy, Devi, Saras... I didn't have good memory of names if I'm not with them now. Wira SUKHOI I only know Nicholas ( SY ), William, Kenny, Tatt, Fan Tong, Kamal, Tinakaren, Jepun... OF COURSE THAT BAD SAHUBAN =(

Friends in Christian Class can be seen in the previous post. They are Celine, Yvette, Joyce, Jia Qi, Shew Peng, Sharon, Jocelyn, Swee Ming, Hepsibah, Jaslyn, Eugene, Matthew, Kok Hao, Leaon, Desmond, Jia Hui, Harry, Seng Kit and Jackson. I'm glad that I'm in that class, know more friends beside my squadron. Of course, my friends in CB class ( character building ). I remember Eva, Carine, Iqmal, Khei Venn, Cat, Pei Wen, Ying Ying, Adrian.... while the KN class ( kenegaraan ) I met Shin. Another thing was I joined the competition of poem, there I met Huoy Nee, Choong Fatt, Ateeqah, Ming Xuan....

Erm, we had lots of activities there. I remember about marching with uniform of NS, TTS ( something like taekwondow ), PC ( pertolongan cemas ), water confidence, M16, kayak and rakit, kembara halangan, tali, flying fox, creative in sports, wirajaya and others. Some are fun to me, some I don't want to play it anymore X(. Although it's quite tiring because most of these physical activities were held in the afternoon around 2.30pm, I enjoyed and appreciated them much. Actually there's many activities that we had no time to do, like competitions, as we have to leave the camp on 9/3/10, not the original one 14/3/10. SPM results made this dateline earlier. Anyway, thank God that I'm safe to go there and back to Ipoh. That's a unforgettable, wonderful, irreplaceable, interesting experience I had in my life for these 18 years. I'm glad that I can have a chance to take part in National Service. It's not that bad from the beginning of the story, if you know how to enjoy yourself there. I learned many things through this camp that I won't get it from other places. The memories of it will be kept in my heart FOREVER and EVER.

P/S - All the photos are uploaded in Facebook. =)

Friday, March 19, 2010

NS camp Christian Class

This is the picture of the friends in Christian Class in my NS camp. Thanks to Celine, who edit this photo. Well, we look different here, not with the uniform and clothes of NS. It's nice and I like it very very much. Haa XD


Thursday, March 18, 2010


I miss my secondary school's life.
I miss my friends in school.
I miss the busy life with AMCCO.
I miss my life with piano and yangqin.
I miss my life in NS camp.
I miss my SUKHOI's gang.



I will update my blog