Thursday, December 31, 2009


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After the clock striking 12am, it’s going to be a brand new year. 2010, what does it means to all of us? Nobody will know until we experience it. Times goes fast, too early or too late? I’m not sure. I’ve never thought that in this year 2009, it changes lots of things. Happy or sad, everything comes. 17 years, I’ve been living as a human, it really makes differences in my life. Myself, family, friendship, country, world… What I really hope is everything is going to be fine and good in 2010. Bye 2009, I will not bring the sadness that you gave to me. I'll smile to face 2010.

Happy New Year 2010!!


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Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry X'mas!!

Christmas Banner

I spent 2 days to finish this Christmas banner.

It's not an easy job to think the design.
Well, at least I made it.
This is my first time to design a banner,
So please comment it.
I'll improve more with the comments~

Merry X'mas

Saturday, December 19, 2009





After SPM

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Feel Free and Happy Like a Child

Finally, after a month of the war with SPM, it came to the end at 14th December 2009 in Monday. We took Chinese paper on that day. Overall about this SPM, I have to say that I’ve tried my best to do it well. I don’t know whether how many “A”s I can get, at least I worked hard to achieve a better result. Honestly, this exam really is the exam that everyone puts a lot of effort on it. So, I better don’t think too much now, just want to enjoy my life now.

After SPM, my secondary school life is getting to the end. I will miss everything of my school life, especially my classmates and friends. I appreciate them a lot, for being my friends. I will remember the friendships, it’s worth to treasure in my heart. There was a small gathering of 5S7 after the Chinese paper of SPM. The cake was delicious, baked from Felicia’s mother. We sang the song “Friends”, no feeling actually.

Of course, I went out with friends these few days, to Jusco, Parade… We sang in KBox, ate in Sushi King, watched movie in cinema, bought some books in Popular Bookstore, walked around, and chit-chat. Some of the 5S7’s classmates went to Xiau Wei’s house for a party. Activities were done separately for gangs. Some sang Karaoke, some played cardboard games, some played badminton, some watched DVD, some played piano, some swam in the pool, some busied talking and laughing. Well, quite enjoy, but feel a little disappointed that not everyone of the class came. It’s hard to have a gathering again after this. I’m sure that I’ll attend to the next gathering. I really hope that will happen someday. *Praying*

Well, I'm totally free from textbooks, schooling, uniforms and exam. Suddenly loneliness appears in my life. Dull with no colour at all. So, please date with me. XD

Saturday, December 12, 2009


These few days, I think a lot, everything in my life. About the relationship, my dreams, my future, my past, my school life, my health.... anything about me. I dreamed a lot of irrelevant things, so ridiculous. I remember one of my dreams was about chemistry teacher. I was happy when I knew that Ms. Ng was our class's chemistry teacher for Form 5, unluckily I'm now already Form 5, how could that happen?? Another one is my house was fulled with mice, cockroaches, lizards (geckos).... OH MY GOD!! What am I thinking about? Sometimes very funny, sometimes really nothing to say. Honestly, from those dreams, I found out that actually I think too much before sleeping. It's not a good news. Well, just stop thinking nonsense, brain.