Saturday, November 28, 2009


I don't know what happened to me now. Can't sleep at night, but feel sleepy in the afternoon and evening. Eat food, but feel like there is something in my throat, can't be swallowed. Want to vomit, but nothing to vomit. My neck is painful, is that my sleeping posture gets wrong? Sometimes, I have a headache and feel like going to faint. I hate myself for being like this. It's just an examination, but really makes me uncomfortable. Who likes exams? Haiz..

Thursday, November 26, 2009


前天早上,我跑到华乐室,想给学妹们鼓励一下,结果我已错过良机,只能站在那儿傻傻看着巴士离开。其实,要不是比赛移前进行,中五团员是有机会去陪陪他们。可惜,我们并不像往年的学姐那么幸运。我带着失落的心情考了道德,看着时钟滴滴答答,遗憾在我心里徘徊。温习了整个下午,突然扬琴组给我通电话,开心的泪水在心里流了起来。把书丢在一旁,一眼都不看,躲在房里听电话。和他们聊天,仿佛自己还没离开华乐。每件事有开始就一定会有结束,这是每个人必定经历的事。我看好他们会比以前好。时间流逝得快,只希望将来的我们还会继续保持联络吧~ 再次强调,我替乐团开心,两队得了金奖。往后多多加油哦~永远支持你们的!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009


It's NOVEMBER now.
It's time to start CONCENTRATE on my studies now.
I will try to less online, less update my blog.
If possible, maybe a few words for a few days.
I will control myself, not to play anymore.

YEA, everyone, GAMBATEH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!