Sunday, August 30, 2009

Trial Exam SPM 2009

Hello there. After this post I'll less online. Although I have my own laptop and there is wireless available in my house, I'll try to control myself by avoiding touching this laptop. Even if I touch it, I know that I use it for music purpose. I can't study without music. This is me~ haha. Well, I will online every Friday as I have computer classes. I'll still check my mail, my facebook, my friendster, my blog, and some revision.... Never mind... I'll try my best and work hard. Gambateh to everyone who are going to have trial exam SPM 2009. Same to the PMR candicates, work hard and good luck. AZA AZA FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We can do it... ^^

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Galileo's Telescope

Galileo's Telescope

Today is the 400th Anniversary of Galileo Galilei's telescope.
I know that from Google.
Galileo Galilei is an Italian astronomer.
On August 25th in 1609, he showed off his unique creation to a group of Venitian merchants.
The object was able to magnify the night sky,
revealing celestial objects nobody could ever find or study before.
Thanks to him, such a brilliant achievement
and big contribution for human beings.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy Birthday to Jia Yi, Sim Yew and Sim Fah

Happy Birthday, my dear friends~

Sweet Attire~

They bought from my lovely mum.
Thanks mummy,
they're nice and sweet~
I love them very much!!!!



Saturday, August 22, 2009

















试着 改变

Sunday, August 16, 2009


These days, I feel tired for no reasons. Maybe I have not enough sleep, maybe I did a lot of things or I didn't rest at all.... My life is becoming boring. There's no meaning. Why? I also don't know. Is this the school life of Form 5? Keep on studying just because want to get a good result of SPM? I want to entertain myself by doing the things I like such as playing piano, watching movies. SPM stops me. Plus, I'm now very lazy and always forget to bring my books at least once a week. Why? Previously, I said to myself that I must enjoy my school life. I must become happier than the previous me. I must not to be too bother about the things happened to me. NOW? Why I will feel bored of my school life? Why I want to run away from reality? Why I can't accept all the things happened to me? Why I didn't find the way to solve this problem? Why I have no direction of my future? Why I will follow the others' steps? Why I will become like this? WHY? WHY? WHY?

H1N1 is becoming more serious now. No one knows who will become the next patients. Everyone is scared of this virus. Same to me. It seems like the disease is difficult to cure. Is this the life of 2009? The country makes the people get confused and feel nothing. Why?

I feel tired, REALLY, for those issues in school, the disease H1N1, the news in the country and also myself. I want to rest. But I have no time to do so. Trial is coming soon. I didn't even study at all. What am I going to do now? Study? Rest? Or don't bother at all?

Tell me now! Please.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Farewell Party of AMCCO '09

My Memory of AMCCO
will be kept in my heart

Farewell Party of AMCCO '09 was helded in Mother Pauline Hall, 2 weeks ago. I went there around 6.50 am. Nobody accompany me at that time, so I listened to my MP3 songs by myself ( alone ). Few minutes later, Mei Wah called me and she found me at the Primary School there. We chatted together about something, seriously. Kai Xin then came to school with a big packet of presents inside. I didn't prepare any present for the juniors, just made some bookmarks for them for remembrance.

Hope they will like it!

Other Form 5s also came. We talked and laughed together. Maybe that was the last time we can chat among us. We waited for 20 minutes plus, just waited the Form 4 and Form 3 AJKs to come and find us. They already knew where we were. So they splited to 2 groups to "invite us" to go into the hall. At the beginning, I was free from anyone. No one bother to catch me. Jia Yi and Ying Hui saw me then, chased after as I ran to the field. I didn't want to go inside, but they said have to go because it's a farewell especially for Form 5 seniors. Well, I was just kidding, played with them. Ying Hui gave me the seniors booklet and a Doggie. It's beautiful and creative enough. Thanks~

We were invited to go into the hall together. When the door opened, screams and shouts can be heard from the juniors who waited for us. AJKs used balloons to welcome us. Some of the Form 5 scared of balloons, I think I was one of them too. We went in surprisingly and unexpectedly. It was very strange that that was my first feeling and last feeling to the farewell of AMCCO. Flora and Ruo Heng were the MC for the party. We were guided to sit on the chairs provided, in front of the juniors. I was worried that they cannot see the front. Form 5 seniors were invited to talk few words. I told them do enjoy the party. Flora tried to bring the atmosphere to the party, I knew it. Thanks Flora. There were performances by the juniors. Singing, acting, dancing.... Mostly were dancing. Well, I had no comment, just wanted to give them applause for the great job. Almost forget, we played two games, one was "Capturing Photo" and another one was "Limbo" Dance. I played the photo only, because I hurted my legs two days ago when skipping rope. The losers for the dance had to go to the stage, for punishment I think. Then was the simple and delicious eating time. I was the first one who started to get the bowl and spoon, started to choose my food. I liked the fried rice the most. YUMMY YUMMY~ Sandwiches also, made me reminded my home, my family. They made my feel happy and glad. I sat with Kai Xin, then Jia Yi came and chat with me, Sook Sin also. Sin Loo sat with Wai Teng, Sze Hui....I forget where she go. Anyway, after eating it was 11am. There is a culture in AMCCO, which is teasing the AJKs. Form 5s called the AJKs out, and we complained about the farewell. Then punishments came, I sprayed them with plain water. Some of the form 5s coloured their faces, pulled their hair or played with cosmestic. Happy hours past very quickly, teacher wanted us to stop playing, we felt a bit dissapointed. Then, a performance of sign language began. I was melted in tears when I saw Ying Hui pointing at me, and sang "Because of You, Because of Me". Extremely moved with the lyrics of that song, meaningful and nice. Song entitled "Wishing" then can be heard. Last but not least, the party continued with the slideshow, made by Sing Cong. It was funny to see the pictures of the 21 seniors, self-loving pictures and pictures without knowing. The slideshow just like the form 5s memories in AMCCO. From the beginning, we started to become AJK in AMCCO, complete our first task, which was the Farewell Party of AMCCO '08. Then was the competition in Genting last year, Welcoming Party 2009, Concert "Ballad of Spring", Trip to Cameron Highlands few months ago, the competition in Penang, and finally was the celebrating party. To all the form 5s, all of those photos had became our memory kept in our minds. It just like a flashback of what we had done previously. Of course, I was deeply touched, moved to tears. Too many precious and unforgetable memories I have in AMCCO. Sze Hui and I hugged together. We can't predict when will we meet again after graduate in AMC. Tears were rolling down non-stop. The party ended with sharing. I started to give out my bookmarks to all the juniors of form 3 and form 4. Some of the form 2s I also gave it to them. All the Yang Qin juniors got them too. I didn't buy anything for them, felt very sorry. I stayed there until 12.55pm and back home with Sim Yew. I hugged the juniors and say goodbye to them. This was the final part of the Farewell Party of AMCCO '09..

I received some presents from the juniors. Anime "Chobits" was from Ruan and Liu Qin whereas the book of learning japanese was from Sim Yew. Thank you. I love them very much. Well I didn't receive bears or dolls like Whit Ney had, she got 2 doraemons. Poor Whit Ney, had to bring the presents to the tuition centre. I think she was happy to receive the presents. Presidents and the vice usually get more presents than the others. I'm not jealous, this is the truth in life....

I don't want to say Goodbye to AMCCO. I don't want to leave AMCCO. I don't want to become the history of AMCCO. I don't want my name to be deleted or cancelled by the AMCCO's namelist. Time waits for no man, what can I do now? I have no chances to go back again. If I appeared in AMCCO, they would call me ex-senior. I'm not a member of AMCCO, just an ex one. What I regreted were too late. I hated myself for being lazy during practice in form 1 and form 2. What a wasting time. But, what can I do now? Shouting, crying and say God please let me go back to the past? Impossible mission. The feelings to AMCCO are complicated, all mixed up. The memories, just can be treasured in my heart forever only. I will not forget the days in AMCCO. If someone asked me what is the best memories in my school life, I would answers other than friends, AMCCO is the one. AMCCO gave me the strength and not to give up easily, AMCCO helped me to think wise, AMCCO is the place I grew and know lots of friends, AMCCO is the one which saved the memories of it in my "hard drive". I love Yang Qin, my seniors, my juniors, my friends, my post and AMCCO. It was the best part of my life currently. I don't know when will I come back to visit AMCCO again after SPM. Maybe a week, a month or even a year later. Who can predict that? After graduate, it is difficult to come back together with the same batch to AMCCO again. Farewell party is the last chance for the form 5s to gather. But after that? All of us will be busy with our things, we might not to come back easily. OH~ I REALLY HATE IT!!!!

Anyway, I wish the juniors of AMCCO all the best and keep practising and enjoying every music. Music is so special that it can tell story and how you feel. It can make people feel relax, calm, no worries, happy and enjoy. Hope that they will understand this feeling as what I felt before in AMCCO.


After this farewell, I understand that Ying Hui can lead the Yang Qin's juniors. She can help them and solve the problems Yang Qin faces. Wai Teng, another form 4, also will help Ying Hui. Jia Yi and Sin Loo too, they are good juniors. Later, Men Xin and Pei Xuan will go to Morning Session. So, Yang Qin, gambateh. I know that Sze Hui will agree with me that, we can leave Yang Qin without worrying at all. Hope to see you all after graduate. I promised you all that I will visit you all after SPM, and I will be back.
Huoy Tyng, Pei Yi, Yong Qi and Wan Wei, I have completed my job as a head of Yang Qin. I know sometimes I made mistakes, and we always face problems. They made me headache and stressful, but all have became the past, the history. Me and Sze Hui want to thanks to you all, and also we all must hope that the juniors will continue work hard.

AMCCO, thanks for everything~
Appreciate that....