Friday, April 24, 2009

Photoshop HW

Hi everyone!
I'm currently in re2 International Computer School.
Just finished my Level 6's exam for Adobe Photoshop
I quite like to use this program to edit images,
It is fun and I can design my works in a creative way
I learn a lot via this program!
The exam paper was quite easy for me,
and I'm confident enough to get more than 95% out of 100%, hehe~
Now, I want to share some of my works using Photoshop
which are my favourites

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day

April 22nd, yup,
TODAY is the day!
The Earth Day.

Let's celebrate This Lovely birthday now. XD

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ballad of Spring...


Poster designed by Kai Xin and Gwen! Applause and shout Hooray!!!

Hey, there. Today, I’m going to talk about our AMCCO Concert Night “Ballad of Spring” which was held last week. Actually I wanna talk this topic long time ago, unlucky for me, I can’t find a suitable time to sit down and post to my dear blog. It is a LONG LONG story…

We started our practice for this concert early of the year. Of course, we had to practice during holiday. Still remember the last post I post in March? Yup, after that post, I didn’t post anything. So sorry to all of you, who always come here and check whether I’ve update my blog or not.

That holiday, really was a tuff holiday. It was pain, full with tiredness everyday. Not only practice for Yang Qin, and also drums. All of us practiced until our hands almost get injured. Some black-green spot in fingers. Besides, we had to practice our running notes for “WanQuan River” ( I don’t like this song! ) , Swallow and Celebration. After practice, I had to rush my school homework. Haiz, what a RUSHING holiday I had.
The following weeks, we stayed back for practice for some small groups performances. For me, I had to perform
CANON in D. Guess what, I copied from the Violin sheet of Canon in D and translated them to numbers ( we didn’t see notes ). Make me headache, because teacher last two weeks then only told us to prepare the song for concert. Actually, Kai Xin and me suggested to Mr. Lim about Canon in D, but he rejected our idea. Then, we thought that’s all for concert. And suddenly, Kai Xin received the message from Ruo Huai that Mr. Lim wanted to hear Canon, told us to prepare for it. Haha, never mind. So, we accepted the task and started to plan what instruments we’re going to use.
After those problems we solved, then other troubles came to me again. Argh! I hate these… but no choice T.T Because of the arrangement of the programs , the uniform again I have to solve them so that they can share the uniform in the concert. Our club is lacked of uniform, that’s the truth. And that arrangement I have to find a resolution. That’s ok to me, but what made me unhappy and mad is I had to rush the list within two days time. Haha, somebody helps me! Luckily, Jia Yi, Sin Loo, Kah Wei, Au Yong, Wei Kee and Jie Ying helped me a lot. If not, the members of AMCCO will see me lying on the floor without any response. That’s too much, Gwen, STOP IT NOW!!! Haa >.<

We had to use our school lessons’ time to come out and practice to prepare for the concert. I’ve missed a lot of lesson, especially Science subjects. T.T have to study myself now. ~CONTINUE~ and finally the day came. Just last Saturday only, we went to the hall early in the morning to rehearsal. What I wanna say is we’re lacked of time to tuned our Yang Qin, and no air-con until 6.30pm, I really worried about those sounds made. Also, the hall was bigger than DBI, but the room behind the stage was too small. Luckily, Our Yang Qin members are cooperative enough to help each other. Good job everyone! n_n

Our concert started at 7.30pm, and the hall was crowded with lots of people. That’s really frightened me. How come so fast the hall had no place anymore. WAH!!! I performed only the second song at the beginning, too bad, I had missed the running notes, NO EYE SEE! the next performance was from symphony orchestra. After that is small groups performances, Song of Happiness and Canon in D. The mic really bad, only Pipa can be heard clearly through the mic. Others are very soft the sound. == Before the break time was the drums performance – Poems of Drums. Ya, I think I did my best in this performance, same as other Yang Qin and Percussions players. Bravo ! And it’s very stressful when we played the drums. We sighed and felt relax after the performance. I’m happy that I can change my T-shirt in a short time, hehe~!

Then, we played Swallow, Fantasy of the Spring Breeze and Celebration. Honestly, I didn’t played these songs very well, it was worst than what I practiced before. Nearly crying after the concert. Sze Hui cried and both of us hugged together. She regretted that she forget to take down her watch during the drums performances, and I told her that I didn’t played Yang Qin very well. “Gwen, this concert is the last year we participate ler…” this really made me wanna cry with her. Because of this, we screamed loudly and took some photos for remembrance.

Surprisingly, Yong Qi and Huoy Tyng came back and watched the show. I felt sorry to ex-seniors because I really didn’t practice well. Special for Huoy Tyng, we didn’t take good care of her Yang Qin. So sorry I wanna tell them. They comfort me and said it’s ok, all of us had done our very best in this concert.

Huoy Tyng, Yong Qi, Wan Wei, Sze Hui, Ying Hui, Wai Teng, Jia Yi, Sin Loo, Men Xin, Pei Xuan, I’m very sorry for my mistakes. I didn’t finish my task and job very well, and I’m a bad leader, I think. I seems like simply play Yang Qin. Also my “Lun”, until now 5 years liao, still very bad, not even improved. So fast, I’m now form 5, after this concert then everything will be ended. Especially for the juniors, you all have to work hard in practicing Yang Qin in future.

Anyway, I’ll miss the last concert I had forever in my life. This is the end of Ballad of Spring, last concert for me….

Saturday, April 18, 2009

AMCCO Concert Night “Ballad of Spring”

Hey, there! Again, I always absent in Blogger. Sorry ya~

Tonight, yes tonight will be the concert night for SMJK Ave Maria Convent Chinese Orchestra "Ballad of Spring"

So everyone, gambateh loh!

Hope that tonight everything will be fine.

This is my last concert in AMCCO, I'll appreciate what I'm having now.

A bit sad, of course, because after this, the form 5s will be very busy with our SPM preparation

and stop our attendance in AMCCO.


Anyway, I'll do my best tonight!!!!