Sunday, March 15, 2009

5S7 2009 + Welcoming Party AMCCO

5S7 2009

This is 5S7 in year 2009.

We captured this picture on last Friday.

Actually this picture was captured for the school magazine this year. We had changed the draf for a few times. Miss Tham banned our first and second draf for the school magazine. Don't know what's she thinking about, we like the first draf which is drawn by Wei Chien. There are some flowers and it's looked simple and nice. However, Miss Tham said our draf was childish. Maybe she thinks that flowers are childrens' favourite, not suitable for teenagers. After the second draf ( Wei Chien's drawing ), I decided to help our class to use computer to design the draf. Luckily, our draf had passed and Miss Tham agreed with what we designed.

But she said she wants everything complete on monday (after the holiday), including everyone's IC photos, our class photo and names. Xiau Wei brought camera to school that day (don't know what reason), so we borrowed her camera to take our class photo. We sat on the school field during Moral class. Cik Hani, our Moral teacher was absent on that day. See, our sitting pattern was unorganized. Well, this make the photo looks special. yaya~ love it!!!

We're preparing our Form 5 dinner night these days. Our class decided to perform mime. This performance is special enough if we compare to previous dinner night. HEE~ ^^ Well, Lee Kai Xin has composed a song for our class, the song has no title yet. Nice song, has Disney feel. Anticipating our performance now... hoho!

Yesterday, AMCCO was helding a Welcoming Party for the Form 1 new members. We had the party in the field. No suitable place for us to advance the party, but the party still held succesfully. Me and Qi Mei were the group leader of the "Taurus" group. The game we played really interesting, but we had lost the game. Well, there's nothing wrong for me to lose, because I'm not good in the "Scissors, Stones, Clothes" game. When the second game was going on, suddenly it's raining. We had no choice, went to AMCCO room to continue our party. When the CD player played the theme song of this party, I danced on the platform. The atmosphere there was not high enough, because only some people sang dan danced. Around 10am, we went to canteen to have our breakfast. AJK got extra burgers and drinks, Yippie~ That's all for our party. Then we continued our practice. Me and Sze Hui had a Yang Qin meeting with all the Yang Qin members. We'd talked a lot, hope them understand what we were trying to say. After the meeting, all of us practised for the "Gu Shi" (drums). It was too noisy and "messy" the song. We have to practise more during the training in this holiday. Gambateh everyone.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Have anyone asked me that why my nickname is "sakura_gwen"? Haha~ Actually my real japanese name is not Sakura lar! It's come from a Manga or Anime - Tsubasa Chronicles character's name:Sakura.

This is Sakura and Mokona. I love this wallpaper. The colors are so nice and attractive. Sakura's smile is sweet enough. I wonder that if I was her, how my life would be?

Life without memories and direction , is so painful and meaningless. In Tsubasa Chronicles, Sakura is a cheerful, selfless, and strong-hearted character. She states if there was ever something that she could do, she would try her absolute best. Her feathers are the manifestation of her soul, namely her heart and memories. She can't remember anything accept her memories before 6. This is because she possesses a mysterious power, manifest in the magical powers of her wings, which is sought by Fei Wong Reed (an evil character). Although she can't remember her memories after 6 years old, still she looks happy and try to remember. I love her bravery, she's brave to try to solve the problem. Sakura's personality is passive and weary, exhausted from her loss of memories. However as the series goes on, she becomes stronger and more independent. Syaoran states, even though she's lost most of her memories, she'll never change. She helps the group whenever she can, whether it's washing dishes or saving their lives.

That's why I love her so much until I named myself "sakura_gwen". A bit shame because I'm not really brave compared to Sakura. Still, Sakura is my idol for me to learn more about life.

Friday, March 6, 2009


Hey, my blog almost full with SPIDERWEB now, so I'll try to Clean up so that no more WEBS WEBS here. hehehe =.=

Actually I wanted to post for my birthday post that day. However, too sad for me, I've no time to post it out. 0.o That day my friends and juniors all wished me Happy Birthday. I was touched with the wishes because that was my last birthday in secondary school. I felt a bit sad and happy. Well, although I received three presents from SinLoo and JiaYi, XiaoHoong and KaiXin, still, I was on cloud nine . This is the truth. They are so sweet! ^3^ Because I'm lack of time now, I'll upload those photos later.

Finally, I've finished with the projects, homeworks and exams. Those jobs really very vomitting.The translation of Chinese passage, Tugasan Harian for Moral, BM Project, an the homework really really make me suffer. When my group did the translation, we didn't have enough sleep. This is because we did it last minute time, and also we did wrongly and redo again. Me, Sim Fah and Kai Xin were not sleep at all ( if have only for 1 hour) at 14/2 morning. That time , OMG, I don't want to talk about it anymore, really really tired and I hate it !!!!! As for BM Project, we can't find the examples of essay entitled TELEPERUBATAN. Sim Fah and me searched for those articles for a VERY VERY long time. Haiz.... is this the life in FORM 5 ??? I just can't understand why we have to do these jobs. Anyway, that's my fault for doing the jobs lately...

Lets talk about Chinese Orchestra now. Our conductor want the yangqin group join the percausions group to play the song "Poem of Drums" (simply translate only). I love the song very much. Also, I practised very hard so that I can give the best performance in the stage during the concert. Due to this practice, our yangqin group have no time to practise our songs for yangqin. The conductor scolded us badly. I've told them to practise more yangqin. Ya, I do agree that the drum practice very important, but as a yangqin player, they shouldn't just concentrate on drums. What I mean is we should pay more attention on yangqin first, because this is our instruments. I don't understand why the drums player want us to practise the song without yangqin practice. And this make me very mad. I was absent last week due to the March test. Sze Hui told me that they didn't practise yangqin, but they used up the time for drums. After hearing this, I was quite and angry in my mind. I really don't like the way they manage their time. So, I've planned a timetable for tomorrow's practice. Hope that they will follow what I want them to do.

Our AMCCO concert will be held in Dewan Lee Wan Ching, SMK Perempuan, Perak at 18/4 from 7.30pm. The theme for this concert is " Ballad of Spring ". Kai Xin and me had the chance to design our poster, banner, and tickets for this concert. We had planned the design for last year concert too but we were lack of time. We really very appreciate of this chance. Although we had used up lots of time and energy to do them and also banned by teacher for few times (we also argued about these), we finally made the MOST BEAUTIFUL DESIGN FOR CONCERT'S TICKETS, BANNER AND POSTERS. Most of the members and friends love this design ( It's nicer than previous years' tickets). What we hope now is the people who attend the concert will keep the tickets as the rememberance for this special changing of AMCCO. I'll make them as bookmarks. We feel very proud to design the tickets, banner and poster for the last year we stay in AMCCO. Also, this is a big change of our concert. So anyone who will go to the concert MUST keep the tickets and booklets and not throw it everywhere. THIS IS THE MUST OH!!!!!

March test, I started to study very late. I know that lots of people also didn't prepare very well for this exam. What we think is "March test only, we need not to study so hard~" I'm one of these group of students. I just roughly read through the important notes for every subjects, and some chapters I know them very well. We had four papers for a day. Luckily for me, I have enough time to do all papers in an hour time. I really hate Chemistry, those ions and precipitates had make me headache for some hours. As for Biology and Physics, I enjoyed when studying them. My History no eye see; My Maths and Add Maths still good (love). After this exam, I have to busy for the AMCCO concert. I don't know whether I have enough time to study. Still have some ways, 1 is time management, 2 is pay more attention during the class. Yup, this is what I think now. Just see am I do what I planned.

Tomorrow is our school Leadership Camp. It's a 3 days 2 nights camp. Actually I'd joined this camp before, but still, I wanna play!!!! I wanna mix with friends, learn more, enjoy more through this camp. Last time I was sicked and I can't play too much. This time, I wanna "hold" the time "tightly" and have an enjoyable time in this camp. I'll write the post about the camp next week.

That's all for today. I have talked too much and I have to go to bed for early wake up tomorrow. Bye Bye lah...!
* Waiting for the fun from camp....>.<