Friday, January 30, 2009

New Year - F.U.N !!!!!

Happy CNY again...! Haha... I really had an enjoyable time two days ago, yesterday and today.

28/01 I went to Tambun temple to see CHINESE LIGHT FESTIVAL. They're really attractive enough for me to capture all~ so happy.

Moo Moo Year~

Nice Tanglong!!!

Wish Tree... ( I also "throw" my wish up to this tree, fun and happy!)

29/01 I went to Sim Fah's house with Kai Xin and Xiao Hoong. I went there by 10.30am. After chatting with her about 1 hour or more, Kai Xin and Xiao Hoong finally came. They didn't think anything then want to play Mahjong!

Mahjong Pictures, Images and Photos
Actually, I didn't want to play. What I planned was just sitting beside to see them play. Then, they taught me how to play, not bad! Kai Xin really funny, her face really "interesting"~ have to see in Live. Xiao Hoong really pity ler, lost $ . Sim Fah and Sim Yew really "geng" and "pro", they are expert in these. Although Kai Xin was new in the game, she got and understood them fast and quick, won $. Me? haiz, I helped Sim Fah played firstly, and won some too. But then, I LOST $, about RM 4.50. T.T so win only lose. Around 5pm, we went to the garden there to swing...and also chat. We chat lots of things, and really enjoy chatting with them. haha~ My mum fetched us back to my house at 6pm. They ate Spagetti which cooked by my mum. Tasty~

My aunts and cousins also came. My aunt gave my presents and angpau... Thx! She thought I was having BIRTHDAY PARTY...herher~ They went to my room and saw my INDIAN DRESS... comment about this (something happen here, don't want to talk about it, it's shame~!) . My mum fetched them back home then.

30/02 Ying Hui, Wai Teng, Jia Yi and me went to Sin Loo's house. We went to her "new" house and chit-chat there. Another thing was we ate all the biscuits!!! HUNGRY MONSTERS oh... Sin Loo's mum is a nice person and caring mother, she really loves her daughter. Sin Loo left the camera in her "old" house, her mum went and got it to her. So "WEI DA"! haha~ After that, we went to Karaoke Room to sing. Only one Mic which can be used, pity me, sing by myself.... =.= Because we felt bored there (nothing to do, just listened to music), so we decided to go up and chit-chat again. Ying Hui said she wanna go down and play with water, Sin Loo and Wai Teng agreed with that, but for me and Jia Yi, we didn't have clothes to change. (this is because of Sin Loo SMS, swim suit=swimming trunks!) Anyway, we went also.

It was raining then....T.T

we went to sauna room and gymroom. SYOKNYA!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New Year....with GOONG

Still New Year now.... haha... MOO year!!! Very boring until don't know what to do... My Astro cannot function. Stayed at home...bored!!!
I finished my Add Maths Workbook...

I'm now watching PRINCESS HOURS with my mum again ( we watched it before for many many times...) I love this KOREAN drama...
Why they didn't have PRINCESS HOURS 2... If have, I'm sure that I would buy it... and keep it like a treasure
Haha! Anyway, here are some Pictures.... which I wanna share with my friends.... Enjoy it ya!!!

The BEARS--------} cutie cute....

LOVE U .....

* ps... I'll upload my new year dress and trousers later.... so, wait ya!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year

Hello everyone!!!!.... Long time didn't update my blog. Guess what am I busying these days? ya, my homework and projects!!!!!!!!!!!

So busy and short the time. No time for me to play-play.... T.T Is this the FORM 5's life? I think so.... Haiz... So this is the reason why I update my blog lately...

Chinese New Year Pictures, Images and Photos

Happy Chinese New Year ya!!! er, this is the first time Me and my family celebrate New Year at home... Previously, we went to Penang and celebrated with our relatives and friends there. Last year, we can't celebrate because of my grandma's death... Now, it's no use for us to back to Penang again, my dear grandma is not here. I miss u, grandma!!!!!

Nothing special. Almost forget, my Astro can't function at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hate this, why? There's something wrong with the player (don't know how to say). So sad for us, no movies to watch during this SPECIAL festival....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Since I'm in Ipoh now, I've plan where to visit to play....
~ Sim Fah's house on Thursday. Me, Kai Xin and Xiao Hoong will go to her house and play. They said they want to play MAHJONG!!! I'm really don't know how to play, so I think I'll watch them play. Maybe we will play for the whole day, then we'll eat stimboot for our dinner. So excited now!!! On the CLOUD NINE !!!!

~ Sin Loo's house on Friday. Actually, this is my plan, because I've nothing to do during this holiday, so I decided to go to her new house with Jia Yi, Wai Teng and Ying Hui. Well, don't know Ying Hui will go or not, hope so. Poor Sze Hui, can't go at all....! haha~! We'll play too, there're some facilities which can be found in this condominium, such as Badminton Court, Swimming Pool, Playground, KARAOKE room.... We're sure that we'll will have an enjoyable Friday....!!!

Chat Tomorrow ya!!!

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* I will update my blog in weekends. Sorry for this....!

Thursday, January 1, 2009




爸妈 :

Cindy, Mei Qi, Maelynn :

Miss Mok, 陈老师 :


Mrs. Goh :
她是从我form 1时教我英文的补习老师,谢谢她不曾放弃我,用心的教导我。

re2老师 :

Sim Fah, Kai Xin, Xiao Hoong :

4s7/5s7同学们 :
希望我们在未来的5s7一直互相帮忙,互相体谅,一起合作。。。5s7 加油!!!!

华乐——林老师 :

思卉 :

盈慧,玮葶 :

嘉怡,幸茹 :
之前我对你们有些误解,真抱歉。还好现在没事了!你们也要好好努力咯!上了form 3就没有那么多时间练习。。。

晴桦,Samantha, Cheryl :

永贤,Whit Ney :

全部华乐的senior和junior们 :