Saturday, April 19, 2008


hello....diden update my blog for one week, u jz cant imagine hw busy i am...
my history said that we have to live this type of school life until SPM.... can i tahan such a life like that???

i still remember that kai xin and i were really busy on MONDAY....
y?? because we have to miss our class for huayue concert's rehearsal
we were so tired and wanna cry.....carry this and that.....
that sze hui ah, dunno y she was so angry at the f2 juniors.....
huoy ting came back to see us practices.... well, not only huoy ting,
yong qi and wan wei aso came back, but they diden come and see us....
so disappointed ah.... haiz, watever least i still can hv a chance to say hi with them
that night, i was nearly cry, because too many stress.....wanna die die die
mr. lim.....he said he will buy a new yang qin for us, more expensive than the previous one
haha, need to adjust the tone.... HELP!!! SOS!!! jz hope that the juniors aso can help me to do
ESPECIALLY sze hui, two words" dunno" then no need to do....left to the juniors.....

the next day, kai xin and me went to the counseling room to see miss lai,
we told her that we hv to withdraw from the PRS of my favorite club
that teacher...i really wanna scold her....she is so irresponsible....
hate her way to handle everything.....she's not a good counseling teacher at all!!!!!!
when we told her, her face turned black and unhappy
( she thought she is the only person like to make her face BLACK meh????)
use that type of tone to call us return back the tie and the tag of PRS, WAH
really wanna beat her and punch her on the floor....( think only)
i diden feel regret at all...before this, i was not willing to leave PRS like that
but...after i came out from that room, i feel like a bird flying in the blue blue sky
so freedom and no regret.....( PROUD of my BRAVERY) haha....

yesterday, i had PHYSICS class, but i diden understand what miss wong talking about
miss so many class, of course diden understand at all....
after i asked mun yee lots of questions, i'm starting understood and happy.....haha
then kai xin told me that that rat aso re2 student woh.... she asked kai xin if wanna win grand prize for the King of Typist, how many words she hv to type per minute...
of course more that 100, so many experted students there....she thought that she jz joined then can win the first prize...which is a PSP...RM1000+....(not interested at all, Maelynn have one)
what lah, y she need to pretend that she is a EXPERTED too...??? hate her very much
she said she joined long time ago, actually is after i joined, my daddy told her mum about re2
her mum diden know about this, even though she is a EXPERTED person.....
really wanna punch her and box her as many as i can,
that type of characteristics, that type of friend, i dun wan to know at all!!!!

someone like me aso can go to the final of King of Typist, haha!!!
guest how many words i type per minutes??? jz 50 only ah, first in the class, same with another boy
well, i hv to practice more, if not the teachers will ask mummy whether i practise or not
haha, i aso help kai xin to ask miss woo whether she can book a place for that competition
of course miss woo say yes, miss cat will leave a place for her .....
kai xin you hv to thank miss woo...miss woo said if u win the grand prize,
she wanna half piece of it, hahaha!!!^.^

okey, time for me to sign out....hv to store a lot of energy for 2mr rehearsal in the morning....

bb for now.....~~~

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Love Love Love

there are some songs that hv same name_ Love Love Love

1. jolin tsai-love love love
this song is describe about a girl is waiting his love....
she guest they will live happily when she play the tower compass card

love love love
我的眼神里不时透露着讯息我的心 love love love
有一点暧昧偷偷独自的开心整个世界 love love love
我的眼神里不时透露着讯息我的心 love love love
有一点暧昧偷偷独自的开心整个世界 love love love
我的眼神里不时透露着讯息我的心 love love love
有一点暧昧偷偷独自的开心整个世界 love love love
love love love love love love

2. FIR-love love love
this song describe if you love somebody, jz tell him or her, no need to be scared
jz be yourself and tell that person loudly and happily, so free

跟我说love love love
大声说love love love
跟我说love love love
love love love
紧握住我的双手勇敢的say it
i love you

love love love love love love
love love love love just be with you
love love love love yes i love you
紧握住我的双手勇敢的say it
i love you

sEnIorS and jUnIors

today,nope........actually i should say yesterday i felt very angry and sad
jz because my form 2 juniors make me SOOOOOOO disappointed and ....
dun noe hw to describe, nearly wanna cry
i log in to MYHUAYUE yesterday, saw my junior's attitude was so bad...
i ask myself, is that my junior???? y she will become like that.....
and i diden care wat ppl think about, and scold her in that forum...
this morning, i was so angry and moody but cant tell everybody...
kai xin told me that i was too rude yesterday, should not scold her actually,
but watever, i already do so, so only thing that i can do is apologize...

firstly was the evening session's juniors practice for their concert songs,
my juniors__jia yi and sin loo....i saw them played,
sin loo seem to be a beginner of yang qin, dun noe yang qin at all
cauze she make me think that she dun noe everything
so i told her, she hv to be more hardworking to make the performances well....
she said she learn piano, but her timing is a BIG BIG BIG problem
actually ppl who learn piano or other music instruments outside,
their timing are good, but sin loo..............
then after evening session, is the morning's one....
while they are practicing, i called sin loo and jia yi to go out of the room
i talked to them a lot of things, including the problems they hv to face to
sin loo's problems are the sound too soft, her action is too slow,
dun noe where to play, her timing ESPECIALLY....ohhh
jia yi's one are not enough expression, and her attitudes....make ppl dun like her
i told them wat i had done when i was form 1 and form 2
i aso told them that when i see their behavior, i ask myself repeatly
y i teach such a junior become like that?? am i diden do my best to teach them?
i diden do my best to complete my duties as a senior,a Chief Senior of Yang Qin
i was so sad and felt compunction,was unfair to me the apprentices.....
i cried, they cried too, possibly they understand my mood, and so ashamed.....
well sze hui scolded them, cauze her insufficient patience to endure them...
for me, i give them a chance to change, i choose not to scold them
because I knew that scolds them not to have usefully
so..........i hope that they will change wat they did to us, especially me and sze hui
is so rude and they diden respect seniors before....i can say

in the afternoon, i went to the PC fair with my uncle and cousin,
we saw a lot of computers, laptops, and accessories....
i bought a2GB pendrive(RM 29!!purple in colour, new brand) and a card reader
diden buy a lot, but unless i hv smtg, Qi Qi so unlucky ahh!!!

Friday, April 11, 2008


Janice will having her concert soon....

My First Concert In Malaysia

Time : 1st May 2008, 8pm
Venue: Stadium Merdeka,KL

I like her special and sweet~~~
her songs are so high in key...i cant reach it, hehe
but listen to her music is so enjoying...

one of my favourite songs.....


豁出去漫遊 不通知親友
那快感少有 那管想去多久
好得你未夠 於這裡悶透

自繁華浪處到沙丘 戀愛

*別再管誰咒你(代價高仍愛你) 曾經荒謬
闖蕩異地 亦未枉相戀
超出煩惱的禁忌 是世上人不理
想早晚能見你 曾經反叛
也是我運氣 天與地
如老了不再飛 無那份勇氣(渡過約束拋開生死)*

怕一世未能 沙瀝中擁吻
有了你先有 這最淒美質感
縱使有地震 不因我犯禁

在窮途入教堂進諫 上帝

Repeat (*)

這樣也許了不起 但有一日
轟烈乏味 就讓彼此都別戀
他人也不忘記 別個再沒法比
分過後能放棄 回家安樂
過亦有運氣 不顧忌
才了解喜與悲 能以後銘記
人有天總怕死 才註定別離

i diden hv the chance to fly from my house, diden hv enough brave to do so
if i really...., my family will sad, my younger sister need my cares someday....
i cant do such things to make my daddy, mummy and sister feel disappointed and worried

Busy Busy Busy

harlo again...,long time diden update my blog......
have a lot of homework to do....they makes me no time to play and enjoy,even SLEEP!!!

today is the 51st hari anugerah in our school.....i get some $$ for my PMR results...
only RM25....i thought we can get at least dissapointed ah....
these few days, we hv to go for huayue practice during our school lesson time...
i still can remember me and kai xin were so happy on MONDAY, u know y???
because we diden go to that POH POH's chemistry class, she's so bored and lou tou....
someone like her diden hv that opportunity to be a FIVE STAR school's teacher....
apalah her....dun noe hw to teach, pretend to be a professional person
HATE HER!!!!! ARGH!!!!!!!we missed a lot of lesson aso....dun noe whether we can handle for our coming mid-year exam or not, anyway i'll try to catch up as fast as possible....
our huayue concert still hv a fornight to prepare...
seniors say we hv to sell our tickets more, but my mum diden allow me to go out and sell,
if not, she will not let me go into my house and aso no nid to join this club anymore...
i think and think, lots of question marks in my brain....?????????????? y she think like that
maybe she's worry about my safety, and aso very dangerous....
my friends' parents allow to do so, but y my mum...?well nvm, maybe i hv to thank my mum.
today i went to the shops opposite to my school with kai xin....she ordered a birthday cake for her senior, so good she is.....ME? well i diden gv a birthday cake to my seniors before, feel very sad because i diden hv this chance anymore, unless they come back to celebrate with us....haha!!!
gwen, dun DREAMING lah, they're busy in their studies, so am i....i'm so unlucky today, i left my MATHS TEXT BOOK in school, dun noe do my homework now.....
concert is coming soon, a little bit nervous and afraid.....because this is the first time me and sze hui play the yang qin without seniors, well we will try our best to performs well........jz wait and c!!!