Wednesday, December 31, 2008

happy birthday SIN LOO!!!!

Let me introduce this girl

Her name's Sin Loo, we call her MIMO....

She's my junior in AMCCO...

She is thin enough compared to Ying Hui ( another junior)

We had some mis-understanding before

but then, we can talk to each other in any topics

She's really SHI MUN and slow slow

She likes pink pink pink

and also cats and dogs....



Bye Bye 2008 Hello 2009

today is the last day of year 2008....

feel a bit sad, because i'm going to old 1 year...

let me think back what happened to make 2008 so special first...!

01 chose science stream

02 same class with most of the classmates in 3p9

03 my uncle passed away

04 my birthday

05 my grandma passed away

06 my dad flied to Indonesia

07 ms leong called me "Cai Shen Dao"

08 prom night organized by re2

09 started to buy Anime and classical music

10 quarelled or had an argued with Kai Xin, Sim Fah, Xiao Hoong

11 started to mix friends in 4s7 and CO

12 misunderstanding between Jia Yi and Sin Loo

13 practised my piano for the practical exam

14 my pimples!!!!!

15 taking level 6 and 7 at the same time in re2

16 learned to do slide show and did it with Kai Xin to give to form 5 seniors

17 new AJK in AMCCO list

18 no more PRS! Welcome Taichi!

19 had a good relationship between seniors and juniors in AMCCO

20 changed my phone to Sony Ericson

21 went to King Typist

22 went to Genting and Penang with AMCCO

22 went to Kai Xin's house for few times

23 went to Sim Fah's house many times

24 first time went to Miss Mok's house

25 i fried egg for the first time

26 sent emails to daddy

27 went to AMCCO performances

28 first time both me and sze hui performed in the stage with others without seniors

29 started to like classical music after watching NODAME CANTABILE

30 went for facial

31 learned to feed my sister

32 like Animes' OP and ED

33 like musical instruments

34 being friend with Sim Yew

35 mix with other juniors in AMCCO

36 opened my blog in Blogger

37 stop buying magazines

38 started to like Japanese singers

39 downloaded many songs from ANIME!

40 mix friends through blogs

wish all of my friends HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009 !!!!

p/s i'll be write my wishes in the first day of 2009~

Monday, December 29, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Hey, everyone

sorry for late update my blog
wish all of U a

Merry Christmas!!!

(although is a bit late)

I've upload some Christmas celebration pictures

from Anime

Please enjoy it...!


from Sailor Moon....

* I love the Usagi picture...!

from Tsubasa Chronicles and CardCaptor Sakura

* Love them All !!!

from Ouran High School Host Club

* Funny Pictures from these characters

from Vampire Knight....
* love love love...!!!

from Digimon Adventure 02

Actually, I went to Miss Mok's Christmas Party at Christmas Eve. We had a BBQ there. I ate 6 chicken wings.... haha! I captured some nice photos with my friends there but I'll upload them later... those photos are in Mr.Chan's camera there....

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Genting Trip with Family....

This time,I went to Genting with my family... A bit boring actually, because we stayed at Awana. If we want go to the hills, we have to take a shuttle bus to Sky Way, then sit on gondola, and reach there.... so ma fan.... haiz...

Well, Awana hotel is bigger enough. It has lots of mirrors in a room.... aiyo! Always see myself in front of the mirror...haha~!

Besides that, the bathroom of Awana is bigger than First World Hotel....

I went there with my two cousins. My dad, mum and sis went up earlier than us.

Me and my sister in the bedroom.....

We went to the Outdoor Themepark on the third day..... the tickets are free of charge!!!! this is because my dad's silver card change the coupons.... so we can play free games...

My cousin - Mei Qi wanted me to take this photo while waiting my another cousin- Maelynn who was queue up to play the Space Shot....

two 'M' - Maelynn and Mei Qi

Me and Mei Qi

We sat together

I want this blue bear... so cute....!

In front of the London Double Decker Bus....

At night, we went to a room for Free Wi-Fi service so that we can surf the net.... I chatted with my friends by using my dad's laptop... Maelynn and Mei Qi shared another laptop...

After that, we captured some photos...

'Sot pluck' Mei Qi....
( Maelynn called her to do this pose )

Scary insects....

Show time...!!!!

Nice peacock

Don't know what are these....

I felt very frightened when I saw these " ka cak" !!!!

Christmas is coming soon.... so fast they decorate the hotel....!!

Nice right???

Those pictures were from an Art Gallery.... so interesting

Me and Maelynn went to themepark again on the fourth day.... then, we saw these two clowns sat on the ladder and didn't move at all.... crazy lar...!

After that, we went to Beryl's Chocolate Wonderland... It's a new facilities in Outdoor Themepark

Surprisingly for me.... I won a mouse toy when I played the " fishing" ducks.... I named it ---> Lulu.... What a funny name...!!!

We also went to Game Park too.... Maelynn won an elephant toy, Allie, but she named it----> Jallie...

Jallie, Milo, Lulu and BuBu

Lulu and BuBu

Forget to tell something, we played Sungai Rejang Flume Ride.... My hair all wet... ARGH!!!! and it's too cold in Genting.... T.T Then, we played Tea Cup, Double Deck Carousel, Flying Jumbo and Flying Dragon. Mei Qi sat beside me when we played Flying Dragon. It's a thrill ride, made Mei Qi cried, so charm. Me too, very scared although I'd played it several times....

Maelynn played Space Shot and Spinner by herself... I scared to play these.... haha